Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Downton Abbey 3.1/2/3 (up until 13 January's episode)

Let's talk about Downton Abbey. I wish I had posted after last week's episode(s), but let's deal with them all together right now. Jeremy and I are watching them via iTunes; you can also watch them for free (within a certain time frame) on pbs.org. I'm giving the episode numbers as they appear in iTunes. On 6 January they showed Episodes 1 and 2. On the 13th they showed Episode 3. If you are not up to date (13 January) on your DA viewing, do NOT read on, for here be spoilers.


I am SO glad Matthew and Mary got married. FINALLY. I cannot take any more will-they-or-won't-they drama related to those two. And I have to say, I am glad it shows them disagreeing about a pretty major issue (the Lavinia inheritance thing) but still loving each other. You go, Mary. Never let him forget what a fool he's being about that inheritance. (And of course in Episode 3 we saw him finally willing to give it to Downton. Hallelujah.)

You guys, do NOT cross O'Brien. But also, do NOT cross Thomas. But really, do NOT cross O'Brien. I seriously love those two.

For all the upstairs folk are snobs, the downstairs folks are bigger ones, wouldn't you say? I can't get enough of Carson's subtly outraged facial expressions.

My favorite moment of Episode 3 was the almost-hug between Matthew and Lord Grantham at the end when Matthew said he'd use the inheritance to save Downton. Sniff. My favorite line was probably when distraught Edith tossed off something snarky about Mary "probably being pregnant."

Speaking of, LADY EDITH. She and Mary have come so far since Season 1. Remember when Edith was selling out her own sister to the Turkish Embassy? You guys, just like the American grandma ("that woman" according to Maggie Smith) said, Edith's aged fiance has a house and a title and money so what is the objection? I think those two are over, though. They can only yank us around so much.

Overall, so far, Season 3 is less soapy than Season 2 (until we had a girl literally get jilted at the altar in Episode 3). However, I'm sure there is plenty of time for this to change. For example, I have to say I am seriously wondering if Bates really did it after all. Is anyone else starting to suspect him? Jeremy says no way, but I've had some doubt in my mind all along. And what was that stuff he found under his bed?

PS - I didn't wait for four months to watch this season nice and legally for it to be spoiled by some well meaning soul (I'm talking to you and your Sunday night emails, MOM). The episodes don't show up for us until Monday nights, Dubai time (Monday morning US), so keep any comments about new episodes to yourselves until then, mmkay?


Suzanne Bubnash said...

I did keep it to myself!

Craig said...

I’m enjoying DA, and have resigned myself to it being a soap. I have to say, I laughed out loud when what’s his face walked out at the altar. I mean, come on. They are really yanking the strings. Mathew was being a major dope about the inheritance, and I also laughed when Mary read that letter. I thought somebody forged it for sure, just like Mathew.

I really disliked O’Brien and Thomas—wanted them to be fired--until this season. Now I love them.

Anyone else think that new tall servant is a direct replacement of the one killed in the war?

The most powerful moment last night was when Lady G. told the head working lady that she would stay there and they would care for her. In fact, until this season I’ve felt Lady G. was rather stiff.

Of the two grandmas, the American one is a dud, especially in comparison. For one thing, the lack of an English accent is a severe disadvantage in this production.

The settings, the colors, the camera work and framing—are all superb. I think if you ignored the story and just watched those technical aspects it would be so impressive. I’ll bet all the people working on that just love producing such a high quality program.

Looks like there are 8 episodes for Season 3, then they’ll leave us hanging another year.

Crys said...

Bates, Bates, Bates....well he certainly does seem to have a bit of a dark side doesn't he. I guess he is in prison, but maybe it's gone to far for me. I don't like him at all any more. Someone please send Edith to America so she can find a man. Love that this is the second generation in a row that house has needed a handout. Loving O'brien. Heaven help Thomas. Has anyone else noticed how much more polished Matthew is this year. Starting to hate Branson. Look I'm all pro Irish to the fact that I've been complaining all week that I wish the English would have said no more monarchy years ago so that I didn't have to hear about morning sickness on CNN anymore but really, you marry into the family and think you should defend your right to wear a brown suit to the wedding... You are an idiot! Someone help the poor maid prostitute. It is making me so sad.

Crys said...

Oh Maggie Smith is killing me this year. I stopped the show no less than four times last night to tell j her one liners :)

B-Rad said...

Looks like PBS/BBC recycles shows/episodes just like Hollywood does with movies:



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