Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11th, outsourced

So many links today. The internet was awesome this week.

If you don't want to start worrying about waking up during surgery, maybe don't read this article.

Polar bear vs. camera guy. !!!!! [HT Jeremy]

Those of you who work in academia will be thrilled to know that "At the end of the day, people in [academia] can leave their work behind, and their hours tend to be the traditional nine to five." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. [HT Jeremy, and see also this related article]

Is the Gerard Depardieu thing a news item in America? We are hearing about it so much over here. Here is an interesting point of view. [HT Jeremy]

Having previously noticed Tom Cruise's distinctive running style, I really enjoyed this video. [HT Eric D. Snider]

I watched this video a couple of years ago but now that I've taught a bunch of Saudi kids I find it even more hilarious. There are so many things it gets so right! [HT Liz]

The word nerd in me just about fell over from the awesomeness of this article about foreign words for which English has no equivalentTouché, Japanese, with your arigata meiwaku.

Here (and here) are two eerily similar posts that I heard about within two days of each other. Take your pick. My favorite is the first site, "when you walk out of your room and realize your home teachers are there." My childhood in a nutshell. [HT Suzanne and Liz]


Kathy Haynie said...

How can I be the first commenter when you posted this so many hours ago? Your other readers are still clicking the links, like I was until just a minute ago. Sigh. You make Friday so lovely. Thought-provoking (words with no English equivalent), unbearably sad (the India article and the rape graphic), makes-me-grin-internationalisms (the Saudis in Audis and the barbershop quartet), terrifying (polar bear and Australia wildfires). Sad to say, I spent the longest clicking through page after page of your final links - the two similar posts. Guess that says something about being wiped out on a Friday evening after snuffling through a cold all week. Ugh. Something about the perky humor kept me clicking. That or I really didn't want to grade any papers tonight after all. Thank you for Drops of Awesome. And also thank you for the anesthesia article. I thought it would worry me, but instead I was fascinated by the scientists trying to figure out what to do with the soul. Happy Friday!

Bridget said...

:) and there are even some I didn't post! Glad I could help make Friday better for you. Get well soon!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

L'esprit de l'escalier is my specialty.

Jessie said...

Your link round-ups are always a highlight of my Friday and this week's was especially good.

Liz Johnson said...

The anesthesia article freaked me out. I had a D&C with my first miscarriage, and they supposedly sedated me enough so that I wouldn't feel any pain or remember it, but light enough to make me able to talk. And it was done in a regular L&D room and Chris there, so it wasn't full anesthesia. Anyways. It was totally weird. THE POINT IS - I apparently told them that I don't like pain meds (which is true), so they stopped giving them to me, and all I remember is IT HURT SO BAD. I vividly remember the pain. And yet somehow I didn't vocalize how bad it hurt, but somehow I told them to stop giving me pain meds. It was the weirdest (and most painful) thing ever.

I had only heard about Gerard Depardieu because Chris mentioned it - he had read it on some legal tax blog he reads (nerd). Otherwise I wouldn't have known anything about it. So... it hadn't crossed my news radar, if that's any indication.

The India article (and rape graph) make me RAWR-HULK-SMASH angry. It makes me want to castrate all rapists in the most painful way possible.

And the polar bear v. camera man?! SO AWESOME. And terrifying.

Um, the academia article made it sound like academia is actually a good job market. My PhD-student friends would say the exact opposite. Also, at ND, the average time it takes to finish a PhD in the Humanities is 8 years. The AVERAGE. We had a friend here for eleven.

"My new Audi is so sick, even is my profile pic!!!" Hahahahaha I love that video so much.


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