Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18th, outsourced

More words with no English equivalent, yay!!! I literally did a pelinti a few minutes ago in the kitchen as I was eating lunch. [HT Scotty]

The role of Syrian women in the war.

I thoroughly enjoyed this Les Miserables wedding flash "mob." Well done. [HT Jessie]

I would totally watch Knife Guys at 11.30 on Wednesdays. [HT Liz]

As Vulture put it, re: Edith With Googly Eyes, sometimes there is no "why." [HT Jen]

You kids these days with your video games. Here's what life used to be like. [HT Andrew]

If you listen to This American Life, you already know about/will "get" this clip of Fred Armisen impersonating Ira Glass. If you don't, meh, watch it anyway and maybe it will be funny to you.

Was Manti Te'o the victim or the mastermind of his dead girlfriend hoax?

In addition to dead girlfriend, above, here are six other famous people who never existed.

In pressing Google StreetView issues: did the Google car run over this donkey?

A guy outsources his own job to China. Hilarious/devious/sad. [HT David]


Crys said...

Haha. Loved knife giy. Listen to American life but couldn't listen to that snl piece :). Thought googling eyes wast favorite, but then heard the flash mob singing. I'd rather watch that then the movie :). Loved the guy on the chair ;-)

Yvonne Anderson said...

I want to know why in English we have a word for when we need to eat (hungry) or when we need a drink (thirsty) but not word for when we need to empty our bowel/bladder. I wonder if another language has a good word for that?

Liz Johnson said...

Um, Yvonne - you have just blown my mind. I would love to make up a word for that. And what if we had three different words - one for #1, one for #2, and one as a generic term?

Sigh. Manti Te'o. My personal opinion - I think he got duped. I think he exaggerated (and maybe outright lied) about the nature of their relationship to his parents (and maybe the media), but ultimately, I 100% believe he thought he was talking to a real person. I think his grief was real, but I also think that this story was dragged on for MONTHS and he didn't exactly know how to slow it down. Honestly, I just know too much of his character to believe he could be involved in the prank. He's a good kid - and really, he's a KID - who does good things off the media radar and treats everybody around him with respect and love. I realize most people think my view is improbable, but again - I know Manti. Based on the guy I know, it is FAR FAR FAR more improbable that he perpetrated this kind of thing.

And the google car potentially running over a donkey cracked me up. I had no idea Google was also doing the street view thing in Botswana.

elliespen said...

That Super Nintendo bit was great. :)

As far as Yvonne's comment goes, I propose the word sloshy, or something near to it.

And for what it's worth, I don't know Manti Te'o, but I'm also much more inclined to believe he was duped. When you're young like that it's easy to get caught up in something emotional and convince yourself it's more than what it is, and if it's not an in-person relationship I can easily believe that you might start inventing details to make it feel more real to other people. In any event, I'm sorry to see something like this happen where someone who seems to be such a good person is involved in any way.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I would like to outsource cooking and cleaning and laundry. Any takers?

Speaking of Syrian women, is there any word on the street (or anyplace else) about Asma's whereabouts, and the children? When is the last time she publicly spoke about anything? Is there any scuttlebut concerning conversation topics between her and Assad??

Susanne said...

Is anyone concerned that Syrian women will lose power/rights once the Baath party is removed? I really hate Assad & Co, but I do wonder if they promoted women's rights more than, say, a more Islamic government will. I know people say Islam gives women rights, but I've read enough about cultural influences to know some people don't champion those rights enough. (I'm reading a book about Afghanistan now that is *disgusting* me with the way women are treated!)

Reading the article about Syrian women was ever-so-slightly disturbing.


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