Monday, February 04, 2013

Downton Abbey (3 February episode) - SPOILERS

Spoilers ahead.

How sweet was that ending? So sweet. I can't handle Lord and Lady Grantham on the outs.

I called it: the baby will be named Sybil. "Ghoulish" - ha.

You'd think I would get tired of Carson's outraged facial expressions. And yet.

My favorite line from this episode was Mrs. Patmore's "The problem with you people is that you're all in love with the wrong person!" Directed at the two cooks and the two footmen, of course. If I have it right, Ivy likes Jimmy, who maybe likes Daisy (? - at least a little), who likes Alfred, who likes Ivy. Lovely.

I also loved Mrs. Hughes' dressing-down of Molesey re: Ethel the PROSTITUTE (gasp!!!!!) when she pointed out that Jesus ate with Mary Magdalene.

Speaking of religion, what a great conversation that was around the dinner table, discussing which large swaths of the world do not subscribe to the tenets of Anglicanism and yet manage to be worthy in the sight of God. The theme of this episode seemed to be "Carson and Lord Grantham, get with the times already."

I would not count my chickens before they're hatched, Anna. No, I would not. I will be glad that Bates is home when he is actually home...and at the rate that storyline is moving, that won't be until Season 7.

Aside from Sybil dying last week, I have to admit that this season is moving a bit slow. I remember times in Season 2 where I got whiplash from following all the subplots going on. These days the story is more meandering. Not necessarily a bad thing, I suppose.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

My comment from last night must be floating around in cyberspace. This is the gist:

I wondered if you get previews of the coming episode of DA. If not, then we know something you don't know.

My favorite line was Mary's sharp "why??" after Edith commented that she might take up cooking. And why would you? Because if you do, you'll be stuck w/ it the rest of your life.

Glenda The Good said...

My favorite was, "Seems a shame to waste a good pudding." I have to say I love everyone going against Lord Grantham. That man drives me nuts!

Jennifer said...

"The theme of this episode seemed to be "Carson and Lord Grantham, get with the times already.""

My thought exactly. And yes, loved the ending.

I'm wondering like your mom if you a little "next week" preview at the end of the episode?

Timothy Browning said...

I like the slower pace this year and the deeper examination of class themes. It will be nice when Lord Grantham stops being the bad guy all the time.


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