Monday, February 18, 2013

Downton Abbey Season 3 Finale (SPOILERS)

We'll talk about the-ending-that-ruined-Christmas-Day-for-the-Brits in a minute (yes, the finale aired on Christmas Day. Can you imagine?). First:

Let it be known that Downton Abbey is an equal-opportunity provider of romantic storylines. Did this episode feel like that to anyone else? "Hmm, Mrs. Patmore hasn't had a love interest all these years. Let's give her one. And while we're at it, let's give Mrs. Crawley one, too! And include the Doctor in the bargain!!!"


I DO NOT LIKE HER. Every time she came on the screen, I wanted to throw something at her. Thank goodness Mrs. Hughes was on the case or it would have been just too ridiculous.

Thomas: quite possibly my favorite storyline of Season 3. I KNOW.

Now. Are we going to talk about the last sixty seconds of the episode, or are we going to pretend they didn't exist? I'm strongly considering the latter. In my opinion, Downton should have ended itself before doing what it did to Matthew. Before he died, everyone was more or less in a happy place - it would have been a good time to wrap things up. If they insisted on another season (and I know there is a Season 4 in the works), they could have jumped forward ten or fifteen years instead of killing off random beloved characters just for the sake of it. Yeah, not too happy about that. Jeremy is unhappy enough that he's claiming he won't watch Season 4. Look, I get that it's hard to write interesting storylines for happy people. But really, KILLING Matthew? Ugh.


Andrea said...

I heard that the actor who plays Matthew only signed on for three seasons (the standard there), and wanted out. He writers knew this before they wrote the end of season 3.

Bridget said...

Yes...but that doesn't make it right. :(

Glenda The Good said...

The worst. Seems like they could have found some money to throw at him to make him stick out one more season.....

Aimee said...

I was going to say the same thing, the actor felt that Downton was quashing his chances of working on other projects. I still do not feel they should have killed him that just sounds like it was a bit of revenge. Now he can't change his mind, etc. However, my thought is that they should have just brought in a new Matthew, yes, it would have taken us awhile to get used to a new guy, but we all would have, eventually. It definitely made me want to declare that I was not watching season 4, but I held my tongue.

Ewww, as for that maid Edna. Ugh, definitely agree with you. I cringed every time she walked into the room. I love Tom Branson, and how he has handled his wife's very unexpected *grrr* death, while "raising" his new baby. It wasn't fair for that silly maid to take advantage of a poor guy who is probably craving affection. Yay for Ms. Hughs!

I do love the Thomas storyline, and I have loved his evolution from conniving twerp to a decent guy in season 3. Maybe there is hope for O'brian?

Pregnancy made Mary especially snotty and biting. But at least the actress looks her own age now, whereas in season 1 it drove me crazy that she was not a 22 or 23 year old, she had "over 30" wrinkles around her eyes.

I have always liked Edith, yes, always. Maybe its the middle child in me. I don't believe all the "hatred" towards Edith from her parents throughout the seasons. I understand Mary and her sibling rivalry, kind of, but I think the bond of sisterhood would have been stronger than what they portray. It definitely seems to have been written by a guy who doesn't understand the complexities of female "love-hate" relationships, especially sisters. I can't imagine having that much dislike for my sister, EVER, to the point where its openly admitted (*cough cough*, Mary). To watch Lady Grantham roll her eyes or make some snide remark like "oh, just ignore Edith," when Edith speaks, or Lord Grantham make some remark just irks me. I have never known a parent to show such open dislike of a child they created and raised. It drives me nuts every time I see a new slight. And puh-lease, get Edith a decent chap one that appreciates her quirks. This spinster storyline is a little old, especially, when she is kind, intelligent and very pretty.

Overall, I am pretty irritated by season 3. They killed off two of the great characters. Blah.

Bridget said...

Yeah, I've never bought the whole idea that we're supposed to think Edith is unattractive. She's beautiful! Just like we're supposed to think that Jane is the prettiest sister in the 1995 P&P. Umm...

I read today that the actress who played Sybil also didn't sign for Season 4, thus death-by-childbirth. I feel for the writers. It must be hard to have outside events influence the story. COULD they have brought in a new Matthew? At this point, I would probably take it, over the image of dead dead new-father Matthew. :( :( :(

Andrea said...

Oh, I agree.

Jen said...

Best line of the night--Matthew: "I feel like I just swallowed a box of firecrackers." That PERFECTLY describes how it feels to hold your baby for the first time. Just perfect.

(The dowager countess also had some especially good lines in this episode as well.)

Also? Let's talk about how that Scottish hunting lodge was My goodness. I'm all for national pride--especially in the case of Scotland...but really. BAGPIPERS GOING THROUGH THE DINING ROOM?

And one more thing: Everything was going so well until Matthew said that he knew Mary was a good woman because he'd seen her naked and "held [her] in [his] arms." Ohhhhhhhhh, please.

No more thing. Am I the only one who feels guilty for the way I judged Rose last week? Because I do.

Nemesis said...

I say boo to Dan Stevens, and I kind of am just petty enough to hope that he does NOT enjoy the wild success he believes he'll find outside the show. For every George-Clooney-leaving-ER there are about 100 people-whose-names-I-don't-know-because-they-are-not-famous-anymores. Humph.

And yeah, I don't think we would have bought a "Bewitched-style" actor switch. And it's not like it's fair to Michelle Dockery to just pretend to ship Matthew & Mary off to America or something.

Just . . . blah.


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