Friday, February 01, 2013

February 1st, outsourced

Intense fighting in Damascus.

How to save a dying language (Aramaic, the language of Jesus). [HT Suzanne]

Look-alike strangers. How do you even go about compiling a photography project like this?? [HT Jen]

A guide to understanding introverts. [HT Bryce]

It is inconceivable that these airplane passengers didn't get the joke of an Inigo Montoya shirt. (I love the last line of the article.)

This story could use all kinds of verification but it sure is sweet.

This Russian family was cut off from all human contact for 40 years. [HT Scotty]

Law school applications are collapsing.

If Downton Abbey took place on Facebook... [HT Yvonne]


Liz Johnson said...

That law school article made me smile. Chris has been spending the last five years trying to talk everybody he knows out of going to law school (ha).

Your little weather window says it's raining in Sharjah - is that true?!

Scotty P said...

Some of those look alike strangers were surprisingly intimate with each other. "Hey, you look like me--can I stroke your hair while our photo is taken?"

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I read that article about the Old Believers earlier this week and can't stop thinking about them. Amazing that they survived and sad that their lives were so meager--even something like salt that we don't give a thought to, would have enriched them immensley. I don't remember the article mentioning whether recordings were ever made of the younger girl's speech. And how frightening for her to suddenly see another human, someone outside her world of 5 people.

Love the introvert guide. I never realized I have my own happy hamster ball. So many times in my childhood/teen years and even beyond, I was criticized for being so quiet, or pushed into something I didn't want to do because not to participate was taken as a sign of rudeness.

Ariana said...

Have you seen Sesame Street's take on Downton Abbey?

Susanne said...

Ever since I read that introvert thing a few days ago I've been pondering how I make my own energy. The illustration suggests reading. What other ways? I'm thinking of running/walking outdoors which seems weird since it takes energy to do those, but at the same time, I really feel revived and CRAVE my exercise times - especially times outdoors when the sun is shining brightly. Maybe I borrow energy from the sun. It does make me cheerier. Nature also makes me feel better .. reading on a blanket in the grass, perfect. OK, enough about that.

Ah, Maaloula...I remember Samer actually saw tears in my eyes when the lady at the church said the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic. Just so touching to think of those likely being the words Jesus' disciples heard.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Susanne, I think being out in nature, walking around the neighborhood, or even going to an art exhibit or something that you like, all will give you a charge. Doing anything outdoors is a biggie for me.

I'll never forget Maaloula either.

Amber said...

I'm with Scotty P. I was surprised at how intimate some of the stranger poses were, and how comfortable they looked being so intimate with someone they didn't know.

Also, I enjoyed the comments on the Inigo Montoya t-shirt article as much, if not more, than the article itself.

Bridget said...

Yes, it was! And it is now, too. Happy day.

Crys said...

Loved the Inigo Montoya story. Saw that on facebook and couldn't stop laughing. Also Dr. Jand I read that Russian Family story a couple of days ago and have been talking about it ever since. Welcome to the real hunger games :-/ So crazy! The law school story gave me a good laugh...because I sort of feel like lawyers and doctors are mortal enemies...but also made me sort of sad because we have so many friends who are lawyers (so much for enemies) and truth be told I always wanted to go to law school. When we first started our MD/PhD the law students were getting out and making tons of money. Fast forward nine years and most of them couldn't find a job for months or were taking low paying government jobs. Then even those started hiring freezes. Now we have a friend in law school and I look at him like ever week and think..."How are you going to get a job?" There are still some things out there I guess but like the interview pointed out you need to be top law school, top of your class. And even then if you do get picked up by a law firm that can pay you will be working lots of hours. We have a friend who does patent law in Chicago and the last three years the people at the firm have actually gotten pay cuts and been expected to work more hours but no one complains because about a 1/3 of the firm has been laid off :(

Timothy Browning said...

Top week. Although it is really hard to go from Syria to Russia to Facebook downtown. The internet truly is a roller coaster of emotion. I'm still not convinced of the introvert/extrovert dichotomy. I guess I'm just suspicious of all dichotomies.


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