Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"I'm bored."

The other day, Miriam and her 9-year-old friend were home alone for about 45 minutes. Apparently, during that fantastically long stretch of time, they got bored. So they each drew up a list of possible activities. I found the lists after I got home and I thought they were a fascinating peek into the minds of a 7- and 9-year-old. Left to their own devices, L (age 9) and Miriam (age 7) thought it might be a good idea to:

(Miriam's list):
1. ride scooter (rolerblades or bike.)
2. see if we can find chok. [chalk]
3. practis jimnastecs.
4. shoes are boats. [this one is my favorite]
5. make a statue.
6. stuffies [stuffed animals] in the air!
7. measure.
8. dress up.
9. clean up.
10. Ghoast!!!
11. snack time.

(L's list):
1. Fort
2. stuffies
3. Dogde stuffies
4. Spinning
5. fashion show
6. fashion show with stuffies
7. monster stuffies
8. trow stuffies at wall
9. eat something
10. treaser hunt
11. pretend you are a stuffie
12. trow a blangket on your head

The Xs and Ls and Ms seem to be some kind of voting system. As you can see, the adults came home before much fun could be had - it looks like only the first two items on Miriam's list were completed. But what great ideas they had! Next time my kids tell me they're bored, I'm busting out this list. There are so many things to do - especially with stuffed animals, it seems.


Crys said...

I think I'll suggest stuffies when the kids get home :-)

Timothy Browning said...

When I first saw "stuffies" I though they meant the little floaties in the air that you can see in the sun (I imagine there are a lot of them in the UAE: dry skin, lots of sun, lots of dust). I was impressed with how creative they were being around those.

It is a really funny list, still.

Liz Johnson said...

I think my favorite is to throw the stuffies at the wall. That's an activity I could majorly get behind.


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