Monday, March 25, 2013

Global Village, without pictures

How sad is it that I took the girls to Global Village tonight and didn't even take any pictures?

Even sadder is that I just searched my blog and I've never even blogged about Global Village.

Slightly less sad is that I just checked my Jordan blog and yep, I blogged about Global Village when it was in Amman (it travels around for the summer and then sets up camp in Dubai from October - March).

Anyway, we went there tonight and the girls each had 10 dhs to spend. We went to many, many country pavilions. The girls kept their eyes open for something they wanted. Majd finally decided on some fancy headbands in the China pavilion, but Miriam was still undecided.

UNTIL. We were on our way to Thailand to see if there was anything there that she liked when we passed an ice cream stand. The price of a bowlful? 10 dhs. SOLD. I can't decide if Miriam seeing the wonders of the world for sale at Global Village and then buying some ice cream is a crying shame...

or completely brilliant.


Glenda The Good said...

No pictures! Even I have pictures from global village :) Oh well. Miriam a girl after my own heart!

Kathy Haynie said...

Look at this trinkets for Miriam to lose! Sounds like a fun outing.

Liz Johnson said...

I am not even kidding, I have pondered on this for almost a full day. Because, seriously - is it a crying shame? Or brilliant? Sometimes I think I never want to travel to Switzerland/Belgium/etc. because what if, after traveling there and experiencing the finest chocolate the world has to offer, I still prefer a Twix? What does that say about me?!


Bridget said...

I keep thinking about it, too. In a way, Miriam chose an experience over a physical object, and that's a great choice. Plus, ice cream is delicious.

Twix are so good sometimes, Liz. Even after amazing chocolate.

Crys said...

Dr. J will always choose the experience. He hates trinkets. Got that from his grandparents. They've been to every continent, on multiple cruises, month long adventures, in practically every place you can be, practically every adventure you can take. They never buy anything. They say the trip is about the experience :) And I'd just like to add that Twix bars are the best thing ever :)

Susanne said...

I prefer American chocolate only because the time I tried Milka, for instance, I found out it has hazelnuts in it and I am allergic to many nuts. :(

Sounds like an exciting outing with your girls!


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