Friday, March 22, 2013

March 22nd, outsourced

Veronica Mars, TV's realest depiction of rape, is going to be a movie.

The mystery company importing Americana to the Middle East. Maybe this article was only fascinating to me, but it was SO fascinating. My students' number one favorite restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory. Number two is PF Chang's. Really. [HT Brad]

The other day I heard that women will (probably) pray in General Conference for the first time, which was fantastic news, and it helped cleanse my palate from reading about this skeezy modesty-rant picture a guy took at BYU-I. HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? Did we learn nothing from the skinny jeans controversy?? [HT Andrew (prayers) and Lyse (modesty)]

On a women's-bodies-issues-related note, here are some 1950s beauty pageant judging standards. Like pieces of meat, those women were.

Read my friend Liz's blog post about the Stuebenville rape trial and what it says about rape culture in America. If you don't believe there is a rape culture in America, watch this mainstream US media (CNN) news report about the case and find out that you're wrong. We have a problem. A big one.

ANYWAY. A nice video about a blind, 4-year-old boy stepping off a curb by himself for the first time would be great right about now. Here you go.

I saw this article (about the pressure for moms to over-celebrate obscure holidays for their kids' sake) linked to in a lot of places this week. It made me feel better about not doing a thing for St. Patrick's Day on Sunday. I am so glad for those of you that did, really, you are awesome.

The word "whom" is almost dead, aren't you glad? I always try to tell my students not to try to use it (because when used incorrectly, "whom" is horribly pretentious...actually, kind of even when it IS used correctly), but they told me it's sometimes on the TOEFL. :(


Crys said...

Oh my gosh Bridget! Oh my gosh! Those two were dumb enough to actually document their own crime and they only got a year? What would have happened if it would have just been a he said/she said? So depressing! I've been in a funk all week. First there was this but then also NPR has been reporting on rapes in the military all week. It is as bad as the catholic abuse scandal but it is the freaking government! I've been upset pretty much all week!

Amanda Ball said...

Confession: I didn't read the rape articles. I get almost clinically depressed if I think too much about it. Also, I love "whom," don't take it away.

Anonymous said...

The tendency to blame victims of sexual assault and to make excuses for the perpetrators has always infuriated and saddened me. I've seen those attitudes even in people I consider to be intelligent and sensitive on most other issues. It's very discouraging.


Nemesis said...

Want to talk rape culture? Just found out about this and it makes me so stupefied and angry that my eyes cross. In the YW Personal Progress manual under the value virtue, the YW are told to study several scriptures and the first one listed is Moroni 9:9. That's the one about the daughters of the Lamanites who were deprived "of that which was most dear and precious above all things, which is chastity and virtue." It's a scripture about RAPE AS AN TOOL OF WAR that is somehow being passed off as something that teaches about virtue. But the only possible lesson to be learned from it is that rape victims are no longer virtuous.

Seriously. Blood pressure rising, eyes crossed, WTF.

Liz Johnson said...

That article re: beauty pageant standards was RIDICULOUS. What's sad is that I don't think much has changed.

Nemesis - FREAKING RIDICULOUS. That's actually worse than the old story they had about the girl being date raped and losing her virtue. Wow.

I admit that I'm tickled to be part of Outsourced Friday, although I wish it were for something less disgusting.

Bridget said...

This makes me a)never want to get called to YW so I never have to deal with stuff like this, but also b)be a YW leader so I can set the record straight. Dear goodness, that is an example gone wrong.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Yeah, the one on the holiday overkill had me nodding my head. I don't understand the huge gift bags of candy or the all-out birthday parties. It's ok w/ me to have a little fun w/ the holidays if one is up for it. But if not, then don't do it. We now have a minimal Christmas, especially decor-wise. No decor for any other holiday except for maybe pysanky at Easter and American flag for patriotic holidays. When the kids were small I gave them a box of valentine hearts (if I remembered to buy them). It's nice to unsubscribe from the madness and do what's best for your own situation!

Susanne said...

I enjoyed many of these articles. I don't mind "whom" when I can figure out when to use it which is not always. I liked the concluding paragraph about how we talk being different from how we write. I've noticed that in how I sometime casually use "me and Zach" instead of the proper "Zach and I." I would NEVER write "Me and Zach are going outside," but find it doesn't sound weird when I say it or hear it. I know...cringe-worthy.

I was laughing at the holiday overkill since I have seen many of my FB friends do the elf on the shelf and hiding the gold coins. I even have a friend or two who celebrate Pi day with pies. And the whole 100 days of schools. One makes a groundhog shaped meatloaf for Groundhog day (which may be no more after this year since spring is LATE and there is talk of doing away with ol' Phil.) My family celebrated St. Pat's Day growing up by wearing green.The end.

That CNN story about the You know I actually did feel sorry for them watching it. I guess that shows how media manipulates you. But what I felt sorry for, too, is that these young men so foolishly did this horrible thing! Made me sad for children/young people who drink alcohol and allow peer pressure to "make" them do things they may never think of doing without being under the influence and/or around the wrong peers. They need to be held accountable, - no doubt! - but I think I can still feel sorry for what they've allowed themselves to become. Does this mean I'm part of the rape culture problem? I still need to read Liz's post on this topic.

Samer mentioned eating at the Cheesecake Factory in Dubai. Apparently it is one of his family's favorites. He mentioned the large (American-sized) portions and free drink refills which are SO different from Germany. There Andrew and Samer would get a small bottle of Coke for about 3 euros - no refills.

Goodness, I'm chatty this morning...


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