Friday, March 08, 2013

March 8th, outsourced

A year ago, we saw a similar set of pictures. Now here are the 2-year comparison pictures from scenes of the earthquake in Japan.

Disney needs an introverted heroine. I loved the article's mention of Mary Lennox in 1993's The Secret Garden.

A woman talks about her time ghostwriting the Sweet Valley High books back in the day.

I hope you all listened to This American Life's episode about coincidences. Here are some more coincidence stories, with photos.

I plan to visit Dubai's Miracle Garden the next chance I get! Lovely. [HT Sarah]

It took me a minute to figure out what was going on here: Couples. [HT Scotty]

March 4th was Grammar Day!!!! Really. I enjoyed this tribute.

The Economist muses on American education reform.

The woman who wrote this article (about her experience surviving and then recovering from being raped by a stranger in her home) is the sister of a blog-friend and I've been following her story for a year. Everything I read about her is amazing.

"A gypsy woman cannot be the face of Russia." (Though to be fair, as one commenter pointed out, if every news outlet starting writing articles about the nasty things internet commenters say about public figures, well, yeah.)

You guys, the truth is, I wanted to link to this next page and only this next page for Outsourced Friday. I know sometimes this weekly mix of links causes figurative whiplash as we move from SVH ghostwriters to systematized discrimination against ethnic minorities in Russia (for example). But the point of Outsourced Friday is just to see what's out there and what's interesting on the internet, not make judgments about what is more or less important. So bear with me as I include in this week's Outsourced post one of the most moving accounts of the conflict in Syria I've read. It's a group of photos of "The Most Important Thing" Syrian refugees took from their homes when they fled. It's about more than the pictures, though - be sure to read the captions, too.


Liz Johnson said...

Those refugee photos are haunting. It makes me wonder what I would bring, and truthfully, I don't know that I'd be able to bring anything - I can't imagine fleeing two hours on foot with my four kids. I'd have one strapped to me, one on my hip, and dragging the other two along. Maybe some documents, maybe a photo? I have no idea. The thought makes me tear up. The situation in Syria is just... disgusting, in so many ways. Human beings do so many awful things to other human beings. Why can't we make it stop???

Ariana said...

The PhD article is funny. "Ph.D.'s?" Um, yikes. No apostrophe!

Timothy Browning said...

Yeah, that last one was really something. It makes me wonder what I would bring. But everything I think about bringing (mostly electronics) would of course be wildly out of place in any refugee camp (although not one in the US probably, I'm sure self-phones were dead but still clutched everywhere during Katrina).


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