Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12th, outsourced

If you have it in you for another Syria link: Syria in ruins.

The AP has officially un-approved the term "illegal immigrant" for use according to its style guide.

My friend Liz, on miscarriage (and how to talk about it).

On a related note: how not to say the wrong thing to someone who is very sick or has other difficult things going on in their life. [HT Suzanne, who had foot surgery and then surgery to fix a complication recently]

Take the John Williams movie score quiz! Just a warning: it's really, really hard until the last few (at least that's what I thought).

If I suddenly start traveling by airplane a lot, by myself: BUY THIS SUITCASE. [HT Scotty]

Beautiful photography of abandoned buildings.

Reasons my son is crying. Genius. [HT Liz]

Aaaaaand dogs wearing panythose. It was only a matter of time. [HT Jen]

Talk to your babies. A lot.

Dubai Police's newest patrol car: a Lamborghini Aventador.

Frustrated, weary sigh: "the price [for women - specifically moms] of exiting the workforce for even a short time is huge." And: "women who take a career break [to raise their own children, especially when their paycheck will not cover the cost of daycare] are penalised out of proportion to any objective deterioration of their skills." And other fun facts.


Crys said...

Wow Bridget....that workforce woman article just put me in a depressed mood. Is there even any point in my trying to get a job after the kids finally all get back to school. I guess I just need to get used to the fact I'm absolutely going to have to go back to school. On a positive note now I have a reason for not feeling guilty about not doing the PTA. is this still being allowed to happen!!!!!!!!

Liz Johnson said...

As you can imagine, that "illegal immigrant" argument made me super happy.

How do people still live in Syria? Those pictures are just insane. I admit the picture of Bashar with bullet holes sent a pretty clear message.

That article about what NOT to say was quite brilliant. Totally true, man.

I would maybe make fun of anybody with scooter luggage. F'real?

If I'm watching Friday Night Lights and discussing it with my infant, does that count as talking to her? I'm only half-kidding.

Those abandoned buildings are amazing. I can't believe some of them haven't been restored. The orphanage one gave me a physical reaction - I wonder what the orphanages in Romania that I worked in look like now. I hope they're just that abandoned.

I think the chief of police in Dubai has been watching Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson loves that Lambo!

And the women in the workplace article... UGGGGGHHHHH. That is just so infuriating. I totally agree on the paid leave thing. I'd be curious to see numbers as to how much women lose out on when they take a 5-10 year leave from the workplace and then return with little-to-no daycare costs (because their children would be in school). Anywho.

And I am so freaking flattered to make Outsourced Friday!!! Woohoo!!! Thanks. :)

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The Syrian devastation is incredible. How can the world stand by while a country self-destructs? Even if the conflict stopped today, it would take at least a full generation to rebuild lives and infrastructure.

Talking to your babies/children, etc. Even in the 70s when I had my first child, experts told us the value of language in the life of infants and up. Sad that some still don't know that, and let's hope the concept becomes heavily promoted toward new mothers. I've been in homes (all income ranges) where the TV is on constantly and Mom is giving the kids mostly negative feedback. Ugh.

Kathy Haynie said...

Syria. So sad. I was thinking the same thing as your mom when I saw the photos - how will they ever rebuild this? Makes me want to go bang my head against a wall. The photo of the vanity mirror really got to me - where is she now, the woman who used to brush her hair before the mirror.

Speaking of photos, the mother of "Reasons my son is crying" needs to have someone remind her that he will grow up and she will not always have to deal with a crying child. That sounded snarky but I was trying to sound supportive. Some kiddos are just extra sensitive (or extra something) and they feel everything SO deeply. And yet....hahahahahahaha....those pictures are really pretty funny. Glad the mama has a sense of humor.

Loved Liz's article and the photos of abandoned buildings, and the pantyhose-wearing dogs kind of freaked Mark out.

Thanks for a great Friday.

Jen said...

So....if we all judged each other by the links we gave you for Outsourced Friday, I'd be in BIG TROUBLE.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

All I can say is WOW. Those are some docile dogs. Waay too nice to their owners for those ridiculous photos. :) -Sarah


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