Friday, April 05, 2013

April 5th, outsourced

JUST the other day, I noted to myself that we used TripAdvisor more than any printed guidebook when planning our trip to Germany.

Another timely article, having been on an international flight a few hours ago: medical emergencies at 40,000 feet.

Is it just me, or do these photos of planets placed in the sky as if they were as close as the moon totally freak you out??? [HT Liz]

FBI special agent Danny Knapp was a co-worker of my SIL Stacie. This is a great series of articles about his life.

The Onion's eulogy of Roger Ebert.

Here's a great info-graphic guide to how all those familiar brands fit together. And my friend Jen tells me that all of them are against labeling to indicate GMOs. Lovely. [HT Jen]

Did you miss the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships? So did I. But here's a round-up of the best skating outfits. And by best, I sometimes mean worst.

A history of beards and Mormondom. [HT Scotty]

Finally, my favorite blog post of the year: Names 2012.


Sarah Familia said...

The planet pictures totally remind me of The Secret of Moonacre.

Scotty P said...

Wow, uranus is big!

Bridget said...

I was wondering how long that would take...


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