Wednesday, April 03, 2013

On the way to Salzburg

Yesterday, 10a, two hours and five minutes outside of Salzburg and making excellent time on the Autobahn:

Magdalena: How much longer until we get there?
Me: Look at Lady Edith (the GPS).
Miriam: How many times do you have to count to sixty to make two hours and five minutes?
Me: One hundred and twenty five.
Magdalena: OK Miriam, let's get started!!!!!


Susanne said...

Fun!! Did they do it? :)

Sarah said...

What happened to Nigel?

Nancy said...

That's my question, too!

Bridget said...

Nigel died a few months ago. Lady Edith does her job, though.

Kitty Crazy! said...

How cute! I hope you guys are having a wonderful vacation!-Janice


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