Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24th, outsourced

Have you ever wondered about the etymological origins of words related to insults? Wonder no more.

Here are some of the submissions so far to the 2013 National Geographic photo contest. These aren't even finalists (yet), but they are amazing.

How one astute interpreter translated يعني. (HT Anna)

A highly scientific analysis of Ben vs. Noel. From Felicity, duh.

English and Eurovision.

Did you know: abandoned luxury cars are a thing that happens in Dubai. [HT Lisa]

I loved this article: when Hollywood wants good, clean fun, it goes to Mormon country.

Sexual harassment in Egypt: volunteer bodyguards, and a man dresses up as a woman to see what it feels like to be harassed ("I realized that simply walking on the street, for a woman, is such a huge effort, a psychological effort and a bodily effort. It’s like women are besieged." Yeah, that sounds about right).

Conversations with my 2-year-old, episode 1. Can't wait for episode 2. [HT Ashley]


Susanne said...

Just recently the word "schmuck" came up while I was talking to Samer, and he said it meant "jewels" in German and "don't you also have this word in English?" Curious why it didn't (to me anyway) mean jewels, I looked it up and found it was Yiddish for penis as your article states. THAT was surprising.

Also, that is funny about cretin's Christian origins.

And don't you love how "nice" has meant so many things over the years! Picky eater? Hmm

Crys said...

I've been calling people penis for years and never realized it :)

Liz Johnson said...

That first picture of Dubai cars made me gasp and go, "IS THAT A FERRARI ENZO?!?!?!" Congratulations, self, you have watched too much "Top Gear."

Shannan Deshazer said...

The convo with the two year old is pretty spot on since I have one of those too!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

How do photographers get those great photos? Some seem impossible, like the amazing shot of the 100 foot wave, and the angry elephant--it would take a powerful zoom lens for both.


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