Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31st, outsourced

The star of one of my favorite documentaries talks about her life since then (spoilers - and shame on you - if you haven't seen Spellbound). [HT Suzanne]

Nine translation mistakes that caused big problems.

I've been hearing about this scary case from friends in Arizona: set Yanira Maldonado free.

This blog post about end of school parent apathy turned up about 15 times on facebook this morning and for good reason: it is HILARIOUS. And so true. Magdalena gets a couple of worksheets of Arabic and English homework every weekend but the folder has been sitting on our bookshelf for a few weeks now, untouched. Because if I send it back to school with her, it will just come back with more to do. Sigh.

I saw this from a few people on facebook, too. This is how NOT to ask "where are you from?"

Exercise: you're doing it wrong. See also. [HT Jeremy]

Portraits generated from the DNA found on litter. Awesome. [HT Jen]

Here's a whole bunch of horrifically sexist ads that wouldn't make the cut today. (Except I think there actually are some pretty bad ones still being made.) (And that "pens for her" product still exists.) [HT Liz]


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Maldonado is free--what a nasty ordeal.

Crys said...

Wow poor Dr. J. After reading those ads I feel like punching mankind and since he's what I have, you had better believe I'm going to punch him in the chest at least once :) Loved the "Where are you from." Here is what I get all the time. "Where are you from?" Arizona. "No, where is your family from?" "Oh, we're Mexican." "No your not." Okay people, who is more likely to know? Me, or you. Read the school post yesterday. Nail on the head for me. It was actually sort of a relief because I was starting to think I was going crazy, like in a depression spiral or something. It was a relief to know I was not alone. As for the DNA on liter thing I saw the article and a ton of the pictures on which happens to be a site I could spend three days on.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

School apathy--I am SO familiar w/ that, after 5 children in school over a 30 year period. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when school was finally over for the year, and you can bet I did a twirly-jig the day my youngest graduated from high school. The spring months every year I just checked out, it was always so stale. My friend Dora May (age 80-something) says "The 2 happiest days of a mother's life are the day school lets out in June . . . and the day they go back in the fall!"

Amanda Ball said...

I had no idea I should be giving such serious consideration to my personal feminine hygiene.

Liz Johnson said...

You know, it is really concerning to me that stock markets around the world will crash because of one mistranslated speculative report. The stock market being based on public confidence and media reports really bugs me.

I have discovered this year that I am a terrible mother of school-aged children. I was constantly forgetting pajama day, or field day (BRING A WATER BOTTLE!), or wear red day, or whatever day. And you should SEE the scrapbooks that Connor's teacher put together for each of the kids. We're talking a 2-inch binder, STUFFED TO THE GILLS with adorable scrapbooked pages with little trinkets here and there, and individual pictures of each kid on practically every page, with cut-out paper in cute shapes and all that. Apparently parents have been coming in all year to help her put these together in the evenings. WHA?? I went in once last night and about fainted. And, not gonna lie, when they announced that they were simply doing a money collection for an end-of-school gift from the entire class, I about did a back-flip in joy for not having to think of some cute gift that used puns and required stuff from the craft store. UGGGH. YAY. Here, have five bucks. Thank you for saving this teacher from yet another Johnson-related disappointment.

ONE. MORE. DAY. ONE DAY MORE! (and then we'll start counting down until August, like that article mentioned.)

Liz Johnson said...

Wait, my comment wasn't clear. The scrapbooks are KID-SPECIFIC. This means that each kid has a picture page from Field Day, with all of the pictures that have that specific kid in that picture. So you have to find Emily's pictures, and put them in Emily's scrapbook, in the proper place, and then look for Emily's paper bird, and put that next to Emily's Field Day page, etc. I mean, we're talking serious Kindergarten overkill. I cannot believe it. (though it does make me feel slightly better for throwing away everything he brought home all year long!)


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