Friday, May 03, 2013

May 3rd, outsourced

We kid because we love: a highly scientific analysis of the Catching Fire trailer.

Carjack victim recounts his harrowing night. What a story. [HT Andrew]

Iranian hijab propaganda billboards (no, I did not just pull those words randomly out of a hat).

Have a look at Saudi Arabia's first domestic violence awareness ad.

The jocular present: have you ever found it odd that English tells jokes in the present tense ("a man walks into a bar")?

14 hairless cats that look like Vladimir Putin.

Utah is both English-only...and a huge proponent of bilingual education.

Here is a world map showing people internally displaced (refugees in their own country) by violence and conflict.

Therapy llamas are SO underused!! Tell me you didn't feel better just from looking at the pictures of the llamas doing their jobs. [HT Liz]

Alternate Disney film titles. A fun game might be to hear the alternate title first and try to guess the original film. Stockholm Syndrome, anyone? Change For Your Man? [HT Liz]

On adoption: adoptees shouldn't have to use facebook to find their birth parents; and the dark, sad side of domestic adoption. [HT Bryce]

Remember American Girl dolls? I never owned one (my sister had Felicity), but I slavered over the catalogs and books and the idea of owning one as much as any other adolescent girl back in the day. Well, I just found out that they've retired the old, historical dolls and now have new, totally LAME dolls. See also this ranting article that I totally agree with.


Jen said...

Therapy llamas aren't anything new---my sister (who had severe cognitive impairment and terminal kidney disease) often had visits from a local llama (and her farmer) to her school. Except he was just that--a farmer--and he knew the benefits of those visits without piles of scholarly research or a knowledge of brain chemistry. It was lovely, really, and it was the 1980s!

Bridget said...

Jen, that is SO COOL about the llamas! Who knew??

Jessie said...

I had no idea about the American Girl dolls. What a shame.

Sarah Familia said...

To go along with the alternate Disney titles, here's a post about what Disney villains would look like if they were beautiful ("Anyone else see Jafar and think 'So handsome he got deported?'"):

Liz Johnson said...

Ok, that American Girl thing is just sad. Also - the new Disney dolls. I AM SO TICKED.

Those hijab ads are super interesting. I think it's fascinating that they really do suggest that the entire point isn't coming from a self-respect point of view, but instead an avoidance of male gaze point of view. As though a male's gaze is a woman's fault. Huh.

I WANT A THERAPY LLAMA. It's probably slightly more expensive than Zoloft, BUT STILL.


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