Monday, May 27, 2013

Other Bridget 2013

It's been almost a year since we checked in with Other Bridget, the woman (women?) who shares my name and whose email address is similar enough to mine that I get lots of emails intended for her.

I was relieved to have a nagging question from the previous installment put to rest: does Other Bridget actually spell her name Briget? The answer is yes. I know this because I was emailed several copies of a flight reservation for Other Bri(d)get's upcoming trip to The Gold Coast in Australia. I hope she doesn't repeat last year's mishap there.

Other Bridget is also selling some land in Kingfisher.

She had a telephone uninstalled from her hallway by Sydney Power House. It cost 132 Australian dollars.

Her daughter had some adorable portraits taken at a photo studio. I could show them to you, because the studio emailed them to me. But I won't.

I received extensively detailed directions to Other Bridget's friend's house in Ballina, New South Wales. Sounds like a nice place and I hope the party was fun!

She spent $527.65 at a pharmacy recently. I know because they emailed me the billing receipt.

For shame, Other Bridget was delinquent in paying $300 to a cleaning service for cleaning her house.

No fair! A friend of Other Bridget was giving away tickets to La Boheme at the Opera House (Sydney?). Justin snatched them up before I could.

I refrained from coordinating via email exchange with a group of preschool moms about the cake they were going to make for the teacher's farewell party. I guess Other Bridget will have to contribute another time.

I was asked to provide a press release from the mayor about the upcoming anti-gun vigil Other Bridget participated in.

How exciting - Other Bridget's daughter (the preschool one? I guess she's growing up) has taken up netball.

Whew! It's been a busy year for Other Bridget. So much going on. I can hardly keep up with my alter ego's life these days. What are your alter egos up to recently? Still checking out boring library books?


Liz Johnson said...

Elizabeth Johnson is apparently having trouble finding a job - she's signed up for several career board things, and she has also registered for a few credit cards. The combination of these two things make me worry for her financial future.

That's a lot of money at the pharmacy! I hope Other Briget feels better soon!

Sarah Familia said...

So does Other Briget get as much mail for you as you do for her?

Bridget said...

That's a good question, and I think the answer is no. I get so many emails for her, and it's not just junk mail. In fact, almost none of it is junk mail. These are real people and real companies who have real business with her. I almost wonder if she's just saying her email address out loud and people don't realize that she has an odd spelling. It's to the point where I don't even write back anymore to tell the sender they have the wrong person. That got old about two years ago.

Bridget said...

That reminds me - I've been meaning to tell you that Other Miriam (Miriam has a gmail address) started college in Indiana recently! Keep an eye out for her.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Other Suzanne in Boston got tired of getting my emails so she requested that I make sure my friends get it right--she's a little grouchy that way. She knew I was heading out of town because the US Post Office sent a confirmation to her that they were stopping my mail. Other Quiltfan must have got her act together because I haven't had any emails lately about interesting quilt shows coming up 800 miles from here. If I lived closer I would attend.

You couldn't do better if you were purposely stalking Other Bridget!

I was at a shoe store the other day, and the clerk asked the customer in front of me for her name, mailing address, and email. If I was a wicked stalker I would have had it made. Customer spouted it all off in full volume right there in front of me. Shame on the clerk for doing it that way.

Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Wow, I occasionally get flight info and junk mail for someone who shares my last name, but your other Bridget is much more exciting! I was alarmed by that pharmacy bill too! Quite a pretty penny, I hope that's not her monthly bill!

Jeremy Palmer said...


Crys said...

I can't believe how much you know about Briget Palmer. Seems so weird to me she doesn't get stressed out about not getting all these emails. I would :-/

Susanne said...

Haha! Great post! Thanks for this bit of humor. :)


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