Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14th, outsourced

From Russia: giant sinkholes and yet another amazing dashcam video compilation of incredible near-misses. Or non-misses that people walked away from. That first one - !!!! Or the one at 1:10!!!! [HT Jeremy]

I know this is a sideshow to the main issue, but I had to laugh at one designer's makeover of those horribly 90s PRISM slides. [HT Michael]

Would you like to watch three minutes of a 2-year-old making trick shots? I thought so.

In 1961, a married woman applied to grad school at Harvard. She got a letter in response that said, in part, "could you kindly write us a page or two at your earliest convenience indicating specifically how you might plan to combine a professional life in city planning with your responsibilities to your husband and a possible future family?" Here is her response 52 years later. [HT Kaylee]

America in color, 1939-1943. It's amazing how a color photo can make a difference. [HT Suzanne]

What happens to women who are denied abortions?

Beard memes and the proper hijab narrative. I find these fascinating. [HT Erin]


Liz Johnson said...

WHOA beards. First of all, I literally had no idea that beards were a sign of religious observance for men in Islam. No clue. Second, the level of body/modesty-policing in those memes - holy moly, man.

That abortion article was REALLY interesting.

I'm surprised the letter to Harvard wasn't more strongly worded. I admire her restraint. :)

Jessie said...

I watched the one at 1:10 five times. WOW. (And WHAT??) Gave me the chills - what was that person thinking? And they just nonchalantly saunter off the road. Could be a scene from a horror movie. I clearly enjoyed this week's installment, as evidenced by my Twitter feed today :)

Susanne said...

It's become trendy in my area for guys to grow those Muslim-looking beards. That's how I think of them although this article seems to be written to me addressing my erroneous thinking.

Your link on proper beards and hijab was great. I hate the thinking that men are so weak that women have to cover themselves (to the extreme in some cases) so men won't rape them. I saw an article awhile back about Jewish men who bought themselves glasses so their sight would be blurry. That way they wouldn't see women to lust after them. I greatly admire that they inconvenience themselves rather than make women stay hidden and/or cover so they won't be tempted. At least they are taking personal responsibility.

I'm not a fan of the big beards on most people.

Bridget said...

Jeremy and I think the pedestrian at 1.10 is drunk. There's no other explanation!

Bridget said...

The beard as a sign of religious observance is not emphasized around here (or elsewhere we've lived) for some reason. I'd like to know more about why that is. There are lots of very, very observant Muslims in my acquaintance and (obviously) around town and most of them do not have beards. The imam (mosque leader) has a beard. I wonder what it's like in Saudi?


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