Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21st, outsourced

I could have sworn I linked to something like this a year or two ago, but here is a new collection of photos showing a week's worth of food in different places.

Yes, that may have been a dumb answer, but you know what? It was a dumb question: In slight defense of Miss Utah, USA.

Considering how often we go camping in the wild, this is a product that could change my life. For starters, I would no longer need 360 degree privacy coverage when I need to pee (men can get away with 90 or less). Do you know how easy it is to find 360 degrees of privacy in the desert? Yeah. Not very.

It was only a matter of time before Feminist Taylor Swift got herself a Twitter account. [HT Liz]

The complicated copyright history of "Happy Birthday to You." On a related note, I am shocked to learn that "Good Morning to [You]" is an actual song. I thought that was something my mom made up when I was a kid in order to maximize wake-up annoyance.

WATERMELON. OREOS. Somebody in the US please buy these for me before someone decides it was a bad idea and they take them off the shelves.

Now THIS is a use of Pinterest I could really get behind: My imaginary well-dressed daughter. It's Catalog Living, but with kids' clothing. The girl is named Quinoa. Perfect.

Early monsoon rains flood northern India.

An interactive pollution map of Los Angeles. One of the first times I went there as a kid (to visit grandparents), I asked my mom, "why does it hurt to breathe here?" That was when I learned the word smog.

I posted on fb yesterday about taking the kids to McDonald's on an ice cream run. I wanted to try a McFloat (yes, they have those here - Coke, Fanta, or Sprite). I asked them to substitute Diet Coke for the Coke. No biggie, right? Well, they wouldn't give it to me. "There is no protocol for that," they told me. I'm totally over it (not), but at least telling that story on fb led my friend Liz to share with me this video about McDonald's snobbery (fairly mild but not for kids; there's an s-bomb toward the end).


Crys said...

Thanks Liz, that McDonald's video had me laughing my head off. The truth is I've seen the pink sludge, watched all the documentaries, sworn to myself I'd never go there again, but probably every three months or so find myself in that drive through line. Maybe I should just let the guilt go and enjoy that extra fry :) On a Liz related note I saw your brave post shared on a friend in Utah's Facebook page. I was like, hey wait I know who that girl is. It's Bridget's friend. Sometimes being Mormon feels like such a small world. I liked your funnel Bridget. Maybe you'll get as much of a kick out of this video as we did. Learning how to go to the bathroom in space. The kids and I laughed and cried :)

Liz Johnson said...



I need a shewee. And MIWDTD is hilarious.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

If that hadn't been a real song I would have made up something just as annoying. Maybe I did.

If you think air pollution made it hard to breathe in S. California circa 1985ish, you really missed out. Think of a butcher knife stuck in your chest and that's what it felt like to breathe in S. Cal circa 1965. I suffered, oh how I suffered.

Timothy Browning said...

I always feel terrible for someone who has their whole lives defined by one terrible public moment, especially tragic when they are so close to having it go the other way.

Also, peeing in the snow (if you ever see it in the wild again).

Amy said...

I had to reply to this post after camping this weekend. My sister, on a whim (and a little bit as a joke), bought me a Go-Girl (very similar to the Shewee). I promised her I would try it out. It is ingenious. A must for any squatter out there who has had to go in the wilderness.

Bridget said...

Soooooo cool!!! I am seriously going to get one. Thanks for the feedback.


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