Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12th, outsourced

When we went to see Les Miserables in January, at least one scene was noticeably cut. It was interesting to read this article and find out more about why certain things get cut and not others. [HT Ashi]

This is one of those "I saw this in a million places" links...but you really should watch it. It's that clever. How General Authorities Eat Their Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. [I'm giving the HT to my mom since even after seeing it everywhere, I didn't watch it until she sent it to me.]

An airline safety interpreted by Bear Grylls. [HT Suzanne]

Here's an insight into the remittance system of work that is so prevalent here in the UAE.

I'm sorry, but the story of this firefighter (who was one of 19 who died in Yarnell) and his wife is just uplifting and heartbreaking all at once.

Genetics are awesome. [HT someone...can't remember who, sorry!]

25 things Mormon girls love. I understand a lot of these, but not all - mustaches on sticks? Cupcakes? Really? [HT Scotty]

These may or may not be funny to you. I'm just throwing them out there: Ramadan Memes. [HT Andrew]


Kitty Crazy! said...

Yes really. We have two cupcake shops here in town, which I love. And I've been to a bridal shower with the mustaches on sticks. :) -Sarah

Liz Johnson said...

Mustaches on sticks is a new one, and cupcakes are in the last 3ish years. But yes. I read that list going "Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES, yes", etc.

And if I only love 8 or 9 of the things on the list, I can still be a Mormon girl, right? I feel like that's a pretty representative number of my life (ha).

I'm guessing they cut Fantine's scene with the sailor? I just barely watched that movie. My overall impression - eh. Not great, not terrible. Nowhere near the moving, emotional experiences I've had with the play and the book.

Señora H-B said...

I hate mustaches on sticks. I have two friends planning first birthday parties, both mustache-themed. WHAT!?

Bridget said...

Yes, it was a scene with Fantine right before I Dreamed a Dream. Jeremy went to see WWZ two weeks ago and there were some cuts there, too.

Kathy Haynie said...

Love Bear Grylls and especially Dustin Hoffman. (That second one led to a good conversation w my husband about how men ARE brainwashed and the demands on women / girls. Now I need to go prepare this Sunday's YW lesson...) I think I am the last one on the planet to watch the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups video. I'd heard about it but hadn't tracked it down, so thanks for the link. Award for Most Moving Link of the Week: How Doctors Die. I know that my dad would have made some different medical decisions in the last two years of his life, but thankfully he died at home in his own bed (on hospice care) with my mom, my husband, and me at his side. The article was so poignant and true.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The one about doctors reminds me of this experience. When my Dad was dying in 2004 he was in hospital but on hospice care (there was no other place in that rural area to do hospice). The man in the next room was 87, had emphysema, leukemia and diabetes. I don't know when I've seen someone so at the point where death would have been a blessing. But his family chose to put him on chemo. When I tactfully asked why the chemo they said, "because we love him so we have to try [to save him]." I was appalled and wanted to shake some sense into them. To me that wasn't love, it was fear or obsession or something else. That poor man. I don't know how long he lasted because Dad passed away 5 days later and we were out of there. But I'll never forget his completely awful, miserable end of life experience.


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