Sunday, July 21, 2013

Plumbing and Oreos and Target

I suppose we'll come up with new things to be reverse-culture-shocked about every time we visit the US, but this time around the theme seems to be plumbing. Upon arrival in Seattle, the girls bumbled around in the airport bathroom for a good while before they figured out how things work.

The toilets flush differently here. In Sharjah (as in much of the Middle East), you flush by pushing a button on top of the toilet, or a button/panel on the wall. In the US, it could be on the side, or it could be a lever, or it could be automatic. And Miriam remarked aloud, "isn't it nice that you can put toilet paper in the toilet here?" (To be clear, you can flush toilet paper at our house and at many public restrooms, but not all.)

The faucets work differently, too. The girls can't figure out the shower at my parents' house, either. But little by little, they're figuring it out.

Speaking of things we've figured out: you can buy mint Oreos, like, at the store here. No more slaving away in the kitchen making them ourselves! That was an exciting - and delicious - discovery for all of us. The sad thing is that I only saw the mint Oreos near the checkout aisle at Target when I was already in line, so it was too late to go to the actual cookie section and look for watermelon Oreos. Next time.

Speaking of Target: I needed a few things there. I got in the car and drove there. I went into the store and found every single thing on my list. Then I bought those things and drove home. It was amazing. USA: so far, so good.


Crys said...

I live in the states and I still live Target :)

Yvonne Anderson said...

With our kids it has been the fascination with the light switches. They are located in the actual room the light is for, they are within reach, and there are about 1,000 of them in the grandparent's house. I spend half my day walking around turning off lights.

Ariana said...

Toilets in Brazil were top of the tank button flushers or wall flushers. I was totally befuddled when I got there (on a visit with my dad, who is from there). I'd been stuck in the middle seat of a DC-10, with two people on one side who slept the WHOLE flight, then my dad on the other side, and some other guy who slept the whole flight. I had to hold it for the whole ten hours, then upon arrival at the airport, I was faced with the toilet culture shock. :)

Kathy Haynie said...

I looked for watermelon Oreos for you while we were on vacation, but the Los Angeles Targets I visited didn't have them. :(

Myrna said...

Me too. I have been looking for Watermelon Oreos since Bridget mentioned it awhile ago. No luck. Now, Birthday cake oreos I have had, and they are good. But no watermelon.


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