Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer in Sharjah: Classic Cars Museum

I do not know, but I have to believe that the existence of the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum is because of the interest and patronage of one of the sheikhs. It has a fantastic collection of old cars and I just can't imagine why else it would exist, unless someone with the necessary money and influence made a point of seeing it established.

We visited the Sharjah Classic Cars Museum last week. Total entry price for our family (two adults, two kids): 10 dhs.

Essentially, the museum is a large room full of cars. There is a loose chronological order to the displayed cars, but really you could roam around the exhibits at will. The only interpretive materials are placards for each car that display the make and model, year, maximum speed, and a short blurb about the car's history (sometimes). You are allowed to get very close to most of the cars, but they do ask that you don't touch them.

 Here is a view of the general splendor.

 This was my favorite car - a Rolls Royce.

Here's an example of the interpretive placards for each car.

The girls enjoyed this museum more than I thought they would. Magdalena loved finding out the maximum speed of each car and noticing how it increased as time went on. Miriam liked figuring out how old the cars were, and relating it to people we knew. Sorry, Grandmas and Grandpas, a lot of old cars were put into context by being the same age as you!

I found this museum interesting even though I am not a big fan of automotive history. Someone with a real interest in cars could probably spend a very long time there on a visit. As it was, we were in and out of there within an hour. A great classic cars museum is not something I'd think to look for in Sharjah, but it is definitely worth a visit!

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