Friday, August 02, 2013

August 2nd, outsourced

The most trendy names in US history (and fyi, they mean "trendy" in its statistical sense). Deneen!!! Also: GQ rules for naming your baby. [HT Andrew]

Portraits of the survivors of the 2011 Norway massacre. [HT Ashi]

Interesting thoughts on the Christian "my body is a temple" metaphor. [HT Jen]

If you speak German - or even if you don't - this is pretty funny: How German sounds to other languages. [HT my aunt Teresa]

Wal-mart turned library. Awesome. [HT Liz]

I loved this! 27 amazing things about living in the Middle East. It's Gulf-skewed, but at this time in my life, that works for me. [HT Lisa]

If you want to read about the time Jeremy almost had to drink his own pee on the highest mountain in Oman, click here.

I'm sure you've seen this: The Camp Gyno. I love that girl. [HT Liz and a few other people]


Liz Johnson said...

ALL OF YOUR LINKS ARE AWESOME! I especially enjoyed reading about Jeremy almost dying in Oman (for the record, I'm glad he didn't). And Camp Gyno never, ever, ever gets old. Hahahaha. :)

AND my visiting teacher is named Deneen. I will be asking her why her parents named her that the next time I see her!

Jessie said...

Brag alert: Drew Magary, author of that GQ article, plugged my names post a few months ago!

Sarah Familia said...

Two of my pet sugar gliders are named Gala and Pippin. They are actually named after characters in Lord of the Rings (Galadriel and Peregrin Took), but they both appear on the apple list. I couldn't bring myself to name my children out of Tolkien, though. I think that's what pets are for--all the nerdy and strange names you really ought not to use on your children.

Sarah Familia said...
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Jen said...
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Jen said...

{let's try and spell the words correctly this time.} As funny and witty as the GQ article was, it was seriously spot-on in a way I'd never before thought of. When you name your baby, you're burdening your child in a way. You're not the one who has to spend a lifetime defending/spelling/pronouncing that name, your child does. I wish more people would think through that....ugh.


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