Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30th, outsourced

The unexpected agony of recording your own audiobook.

Five ways we're making parenting harder. AMEN. [HT a lot of people]

How hard is it to learn English?

Mothers are not opting out. They are out of options.

I can't decide of these amazing photos of Mexico City's sprawl look like the past, or the future, or a movie set, or what. Just incredible. [HT Liz]

Movie quotes you're getting wrong. No really, you are. [HT Jen]

Watch a bull terrier nurse cute baby goats using special milk pants. This is a sentence that now exists, and it's true! [HT Jen]

You may have seen a few of these maps before, but some of them are worth a second look and others are freshly entertaining (FYI, in case you're looking at these with your kids, there are two maps that deal with the size of certain body parts). [HT Jen]

The Pope is AWESOME. But you already knew that. [HT Liz]

Now for three videos:

The poignant (I Forgot My Phone) [HT Liz]

The incredibly moving (two Syrian fathers are reunited with children they thought they'd lost in the checmical weapons attack). [HT Sadaf]

And the just plain hilarious (a dinosaur prank on a Japanese TV show). [HT Andrew]


Liz Johnson said...

I admit to watching that goat video more than once.

Those Mexico City pics were taken by my friend from high school. And I lived on a hill out there - just built into one. It was insane. I loved it. Viva!

That Syrian video was incredible.

And how do Japanese people not live in a constant state of anxiety that some game show will do something like that to them?! SERIOUSLY.

Jen said...

I. Hate. Elf. On. The. Shelf.

That parenting article was so darn spot-on. You know what we did for the boys' birthday party this year? Preach it about the birthday parties, man. PREACH IT.

Michelle Glauser said...

Thanks for these! Julia Taylor referred me to your blog since I'm living abroad as well. I really love what I've read so far. I used to do a weekly or monthly links to love post, but that sadly died about a year ago when I planned a wedding and then changed careers. Maybe again some day, maybe not. I find that people seem to share more links via Facebook or Twitter these days, but I like to document interesting things I've come across for myself anyway.

Best of luck!


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