Friday, August 09, 2013

August 9th, outsourced

Language wars in Quebec.

The winners of the National Geographic photo contest!

I LOVED this fascinating look at the history behind the best elementary school computer class game EVER (it beats Lemonade Stand and that fishing game by a landslide). I refer, of course, to The Oregon Trail.

These days, I am a #2 on this list of people who shop at Costco. My dad is sometimes a #5. [HT Liz]

Why do people confess to crimes they didn't commit?

Mormon missionaries, in the field, surprising people with their basketball skills. [HT Jeremy]

Indiana State Fair food. That post is alternately YUM and YUCK. [HT Liz]

I thought it was not possible to loathe mosquitoes any more than I already do. Unfortunately, I was wrong. [HT Andrew]

I love what this post says about Buzzfeed. I love what it says about Benedict Cumberbatch (aka Sherlock) fandom. I also kind of just love it, period. [HT Eric D. Snider]

Haven't you always wondered about that weird Britishy English that old-timey American movie stars acted in? I was so pleased to see this article explain it all.

I have a Noticer, too. Do I need to stop saying "Hurry up!"? More thought on this is needed. [HT Tyler]


Liz Johnson said...

BAHAHA that Benedict Cumberbatch link was hilarious. I love that show!

I should probably at least cut my "hurry up" usage in half. It really doesn't matter half the time - I'm just insanely impatient. I set arbitrary goals/guidelines for my day and then get frustrated when they're not met, even though they don't matter at all.

Do mosquitoes serve a purpose? I learned to tolerate spiders when I learned that they eat mosquitoes, but what benefit do mosquitoes bring?!

I still haven't read the full article, but I can vouch for this quote: "The guarantee of sleep or simply being left alone has been enough to get an innocent person to admit to a horrendous crime." Absolutely. If my kids were to ever try, I'm sure I'd admit to just about anything at 3am.

Liz Johnson said...

Also, I feel the need to clarify that I'm alternately awestruck and disgusted by the Indiana fair food. On the one hand, I absolutely love it, because it's SO American, and SO fun, and the fair has the best people watching on the planet. On the other hand, it's so disgusting because it's SO excessive and SO indulgent and SO wasteful of resources. And so I'm struck with wanting to hate it, and being filled with shame that I don't hate it as much as I feel I should. Sigh.

Bridget said...

Re: sleep deprivation, AGREED. Torture.


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