Saturday, August 10, 2013

Morning, noon, and night sickness

Here comes that required blog post about pregnancy where I talk about how sick I was, and how much better I feel now. I don't mind those posts now, on anyone's blog, but wow, did I hate them while I was sick (the feeling better part, anyway).

I knew I got off easy with my pregnancy with Miriam. I had some nausea but it wasn't that bad and I was able to go to work, no problem.

My pregnancy with Magdalena was a bit dodgier. I was sick a lot and threw up a few times but mostly I just felt sick sick sick. I was working from home at the time so even though I thought I was pretty dang sick, it didn't affect my productivity at all.

With this pregnancy, it has become clear that what I experienced the first two times was nothing. NOTHING. I have no idea why it was a million times worse this time around. It just was. I woke up every morning thinking, "I can't do this." And then I would get up and go to work anyway. The sickness got worse and worse as the day went on. I wished I could go to bed at 6.30, and actually did so only slightly less often.

My entire life revolved around food. As I got sicker and sicker (within each day and then from day to day), I would dream about the food that would make me feel better, and then fixate on it, extensively. At one time or another, I was convinced that baked potatoes, grapes, plain rice, pepper jack cheese, ramen noodles, strawberries, lemonade, and, oddly, Fritos chips, were the only things that could make me feel better. Oh how I pined for Fritos chips. One day I saw some at the store so I bought a big bag and ate some when I got home. They were everything I had imagined they would be...for about two hours. Then the very thought of Fritos chips made me want to vomit. UGH. So then I had this awkward partially empty bag of Fritos (shudder) sitting in the pantry for a few months that induced a fresh wave of nausea every time I even looked at it.

I've mentioned before how much weight I tend to gain during pregnancy, pretty much from day one. I knew this pregnancy's sickness was bad when I actually lost weight during the first trimester. That is completely atypical for me.

I was going to bed so early and then I was so miserable during the night that Jeremy actually set up a bed in the majlis for himself for a few weeks. He would sleep there at night. On the days I didn't teach, I would go lie down on the bed in there and try to get some work done for class or my thesis or whatever. It was so pitiful.

Then one day, everything changed. And yes, it starts with a Z, but there's a twist ending, so stay tuned!


JosephJ said...

Z is for.....Zofran? I hear that's a miracle for people.

I'm so sorry you were that sick. It's the worst! My pregnancies came after I stopped working, so I have no idea how ANYONE can hold down a job and morning sickness at the same time. Brava to you.

(With my most recent pregnancy, I lost 17 pounds during the first trimester. When we're driving around town, Ian (7) still points out the spots on our regular routes where I have pulled the car over to throw up.)

Jen said...

Ugh. I need to remember to check out who is logged in before I comment. =)

Merkley Jiating said...

I'm sorry you were so sick! That sounds unpleasant. I want to hear about breastfeeding in Sharjah. Have you already talked about that?

Cait said...

I was wayyyyy more sick with Atticus. I think it is a hormonal thing to be more sick with boys.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The sickness you describe this time around is just about what I experienced with you. Deathly ill, going to bed ridiculously early just to gain relief, finding those few things that would stay down and then being repulsed by those very foods. I had thought morning sickness w/ the boys was bad, but it didn't compare.

Glenda The Good said...

My worst sickness was with Gigi. I was pucking up into my seventh month, and when I was in Jordan, 4 and 5 months prego with her I was the skinniness I have ever been in my entire life. One time when Rachel was living us I actually grab a bag and ran out to the patio to puke out the eggs I had just eaten. I didn't eat eggs again for a year. The least sick I ever was with Peach. I puked for exactly thirty days, the thirty days Dr. J was in Jordan and then by the time he got back I was over it. That pregnancy though I was always so tired. I would sit down on the couch to read the kids a book and would nod off during the first page. Captain E kept hitting me in the shoulder, keep reading mom, keep reading.

Bridget said...

I'll talk about breastfeeding in Sharjah when I've actually done it. I have some idea of what it's like but I'll wait until I have first-hand experience!

Bridget said...

So basically, every pregnancy is different. I had heard the thing about being sicker with boys, and that does seem to be true for a lot of people, but obviously not all. Weird.

Liz Johnson said...

That is just horrible. I can't even imagine. I wish people could figure out the science behind morning/allday sickness.


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