Monday, August 19, 2013

The food we brought home

A day or two before we left the US, I made a trip to WinCo to stock up on a few easily packable favorites that are hard or impossible to get in the UAE (I did this last year, too). When I got to the checkout line, I had a cart full of a bizarre and seemingly random selection of food, in strange amounts: two bottles of peppermint extract, one jar of instant yeast and one jar of regular (I am going to test out my suspicion that UAE yeast is different), a whole bunch of Gushers - like, a WHOLE BUNCH, other kinds of fruit snacks, Goldfish crackers, a few boxes of breakfast cereal, mint Oreos, six little bags of that delicious Hormel turkey pepperoni, and some choice selections from the bulk candy section.

Midway through scanning this odd assortment of items, the cashier gave me a weird look and said, "you are buying a lot of snacks!" I laughed and told her what I was up to. Later, I laughed again because at WinCo, of all places - not exactly known for its organic food selection and highbrow clientele - I triggered a comment from a clerk about the amount of snacks I was buying. It was truly awesome.

In addition to super-snacky stuff, we brought home some great food from Costco. Such as:

Kids' Clif bars

Mountain House freeze-dried camping food, to double as food storage

Nut/trail mixes

Those lovely pre-cooked bacon bits

Tillamook cheese (and how!)

Parmesan cheese

In some ways, it feels like harvest time in our kitchen and pantry. It's a lovely feeling, especially since we are all laid low by jet lag. It won't last forever, but come October when we break out the meager stash of candy corn that I've put aside, it will have been worth the hassle and the "seriously, I am doing this?" doubts I had when I was scooping it into the bag at WinCo in August.


Suzanne Bubnash said...

Now that you have delicious Mountain House freeze-dried emergency food, don't forget to store water. It's useless without water!

Merkley Jiating said...

I thought the picture was of pills and I could not figure out why you were talking about snacks when you had a picture of drugs. Hot tamale drugs!

Nancy said...

Yeast IS different in the UAE. I once read a fascinating article about how yeasts differ from place to place (in how they taste and how they act) but I can't find it! Gah!

Anyway, this at least says, "Our sourdough cultures originated all over the world and carry the unique yeasts from their respective geographic regions." I don't know why I can't find the article I read though. It was talking about San Francisco Sourdough Bread and how it's famous for its taste specifically because of the yeast in the area and how even the yeasts you buy in stores will taste differently depending on where they were cultured.

And, American treats are never so good as when you can't get them. That's how everything is. Especially when I'm pregnant—which I'm not, but you are, so it seems a just comparison—I seem to crave things that can't be found in whatever place I'm in. It's one of the ways I know I no longer belong anywhere (re: this). I'm pretty okay with not belonging anywhere, though, because it means I belong...anywhere...right?

Liz Johnson said...

Ohhhhhh yum. And your cheese survives the flight?? Do you have to pack it with something special?

Jen said...

You are [literally] the only reason I know that you can still buy gushers. I always think I'm going to check them out at the store, and then I forget until you post about them the next time!

Any particular flavor of goldfish crackers?

Cait said...

We fly back to the US tomorrow, and first thing on the agenda is a Costco run. I have missed it soooooo much.

Bridget said...

In previous years, we've frozen the cheese beforehand and then just packed it right before leaving for the airport. This year, we happened to have two little lunchbox coolers that we put them in. Of course, if your luggage gets lost...

Bridget said...

Glad to be of service re: Gushers. Look, I know they're not that amazing but I have this weird obsession with them. I know they have approximately zero food value but sometimes they are just the thing to snack on.

Your Goldfish selection is far, far superior to ours out West. I only got regular, Parmesan, and a few of the graham-based kinds this year. I couldn't even find the S'mores variety! Sad.


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