Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guest room, re-done

A few days after our housekeeper moved out, we re-organized the guest room. The thing about the guest room is, we don't actually have guests that often. Maybe once or twice a year? Plane tickets from the US are expensive, or something. So while it was nice to have a room with a bed in it that could be used when people needed to stay with us, it also was only ever, well, a room with a bed in it.

We decided that it would make far more sense for us to take the bed out of the room, so we could use the guest room as an actual part of our house that actually contributed to our living space. But then what to do about the occasional guest? It's so nice to be able to offer visitors their own quarters, complete with a private bathroom, even if for the other 99% of the time it's superfluous. Sometimes we take Friday afternoon naps in there, and another bathroom on the ground floor comes in handy, but otherwise, the guest room was a seriously underutilized space.

The solution, of course, was to get a loft bed from IKEA. That way, we would have a bed in the guest room for guests, and a useful, practical living space for ourselves the rest of the time.

Here is how our guest room looked when we first moved in.

Just like I said: a room with a bed in it.

From a similar angle, here is the guest room with the new loft bed:

And looking from the bathroom door:

We now have a place to keep our bikes inside, instead of letting them bake into oblivion outside on the patio. We keep our water storage in there. And we still have a nice, comfy bed for Friday afternoon naps. The loft bed is a double, too, so we've actually increased our guest capacity.

Now, who wants to come visit?


Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Awesome, way to get the most out of the space!

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I'm coming! January?? Do you have a hoist to get me up the ladder?

Bridget said...

Yeah, it is a bit of a climb! The ceiling is very high, though - I think Miriam could stand up on the bed, even. I seem to recall sleeping on the top (!) bunk of the bunk beds in Steven's room when I was 6 months pregnant with Miriam and came to town for Teresa's wedding. Can that be true? Anyway, I can get up and down this thing, even in my current state, so you can too.

Jen said...

We did the same thing with our guest room about 5 years ago....after a couple of years with a room we never used, we said adios to the guest bed. Your solution is great!

Scotty P said...

I'll try to get out there soon so that it can rightfully regain its proper name--Scotty's room.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Okey doke. It's not that I can't climb. My left foot doesn't do well on dowels (like our bunk steps downstairs). It works fine if I wear a shoe though. I don't remember where you slept in the past. It could have been on the top bunk.

Bridget said...

I thought of that - please do! We don't really know what to call it right now.


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