Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13th, outsourced

So there's this bridge that has an abnormally low clearance, and there are lots of signs saying so on the road leading to it, but lots of trucks still crash into it. Riveting. [HT Andrew]

Can you imagine watching one of Shakespeare's plays being performed in its original English pronunciation? So cool.

The two-cow analogy series, as applied to the Middle East. [HT Suzanne]

Two amazing survival stories from Zion National Park. First, some climbers got caught in a flash flood. Second, a climber fell off a 100-foot cliff as his wife and friends looked on. [HT Margaret, the wife of the guy who fell off the cliff]

What DOES the fox say? [HT Liz]

Most of the world's tallest buildings in the world are cheating. (But not the Burj Khalifa. Not really, anyway.)

I haven't observed all of these smart language mistakes in person, but this was a very interesting read about childhood language development. [HT Susanne]

Here are the top 20 books you only pretend to have read. Seriously, you guys haven't actually read Pride and Prejudice?? [HT Jen]

I'm sure you've all seen this video of a man waking up from surgery and seeing his wife again, for the first time. I really hope it's real, because it is adorable (s-bomb warning about halfway through).

So, um, Putin had an op-ed in the NYTimes. Yeah. But here is your requisite grain of salt.

That dialect survey from last week, last year, five years ago, and ten years ago is never going away: more on that odd "coming with" construction.


Liz Johnson said...

1 - That bridge thing is insane. Where is it??

2 - I always read stories about people being critically injured and/or almost swept away while hiking or mountaineering, because I'm terrified that one day that person is going to be Jake Lloyd. That dude is crazy.

3 - That cow article was pretty interesting, but once they got to Yemen (and beyond) I was laughing out loud. Ha!

4 - I have read exactly one of the books on that list. And it's not P&P (tried, put it down).

5 - I totally say "coming with." I'm blaming my Pennsylvania Dutch roots. :)

Andrew said...

The bridge is in Durham, NC. I drive under it every day. From what I've heard from friends here, there's an office along that street that has a webcam permanently aimed at the bridge, constantly recording. When they see evidence of a crash or actually see one happen, they extract it from the raw footage for their next compilation YouTube video.

Jeremy Palmer said...

Here is an entertaining reply to Putin's letter:

Jen said...

Sometimes I really question whether or not Vladimir Putin is, in fact, real.

Scotty P said...

That fox video is a gem.

Kathy Haynie said...

A great week's worth of links. Loved the fox video, and also the bridge one. Forwarded the link to the Shakespeare video to my English dept colleagues. Really enjoyed the two-cow piece - it helped me make more sense out of several of the countries in the Middle East. Thanks!

Liz Johnson said...

I should really apologize for that fox video. I haven't been able to get that song out of my head for a solid week, and I apologize to anybody else afflicted this way.

Ariana said...

People in Minnesota say "coming with" all the time. It's pretty funny! Not a habit I picked up.


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