Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20th, outsourced

IKEA has flat-pack refugee shelters, and they're sending them to Syria.

The Onion has some of the best Syria coverage out there. Here is a look at how they get inside the mind of Bashar Al-Assad.

Girl names that used to be boy names. I knew almost all of these since my mom is fond of telling me about them. Remember on Downton Abbey when a dude showed up and his name was Evelyn? Yeah. [HT Kathy]

In case you're wondering, no, The Atlantic will not be using periods when it writes about the agents of SHIELD.

Amazon has made a dynamic list of products that attract hilarious, fake reviews! Huzzah! [HT Shannon]

I think my baby name problems just got solved: here is a list of bizarre Puritan names. Now to decide between Job-raked-out-of-the-ashes and Diffidence. [HT Jessie and Andrew, who sent me the link within minutes of each other]

I WANT. Not because I feel compelled to monitor my child's every heartbeat, but because imagine the data! So cool. [HT Ashi]

To this mom who kept her cool during a grocery store meltdown by her kid: I salute you. [HT Suzanne]

I thoroughly enjoyed this list of state song titles, reimagined as if they all had the apathy of Idaho's "And Here We Have Idaho." [HT Eric D. Snider]

A man dying while trying to save his camel from drowning in the Gulf is something that happened here the other day.

A peek into the life of a night-shift worker. Fascinating.

Another update on the story of the climber in Zion National Park who fell off a cliff and survived. [HT Margaret]

Rita Hayworth does Stayin' Alive. [HT my grandpa. Really]


Glenda The Good said...

They are now saying prolonged night shift has a carcinogenic effect and raises your chance of getting cancer as high as if you were a smoker. When Dr. J works night shift he has no trouble sleeping, but it doesn't matter how long he sleeps he always feels tired :(

Alanna said...

There's no link for the Puritan names and I REALLY want to see those!!!

Liz Johnson said...

The toddler article is FABULOUS. I want to be a Mom Ninja like that lady.

I'm really sad about that dude with the camel. Poor guy. Just trying to do right by his animal and that's what happens. :(

I want one of those Sproutling monitors to put on pregnant women to see if we can FINALLY figure out what the tipping point is that sends a woman into labor (on her own). That would be super fascinating!

Bridget said...

Fixed, thanks!


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