Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27th, outsourced

Maybe you missed it when that one photo was at first linked to, and then discredited as being related to the Navy Yard shootings. But it turns out it was related after all. Interesting story.

The latest on the possibly North Korea-related disappearance of my former co-worker, David Sneddon.

Here's the newest scandal to hit the Gulf: Coke and Pepsi may contain trace amounts of alcohol (alcohol is forbidden in Islam).

Here's the newest food-for-thought citizenship essay to hit the Gulf.

How well do you see color? I got an 11. [HT Liz]

Kelly Clarkson had to give back the Jane Austen ring she bought. Sad! [HT Jen]

Here's why you have always secretly wanted to eat a baby. (Admit it, you totally have had this feeling.) [HT Liz]

In videos that made me cry this week, we have You Are My Sunshine, and a boy's reunion with his childhood lovey. [HT Liz and Miss Nemesis]

How alcohol conquered Russia.

The most unisex names in US history, to explain all those boys named Jody you keep hearing about! If you were around in the 1940s, that is. [HT Andrew]

Grandma lives on in a Google Street View image. [HT Jeremy]

Here is an expat American family's account of being caught in the Nairobi mall attack.


Susanne said...

The unisex baby names thing was interesting!

I hate your former coworker is still missing.

So are they going to ban Coke and Pepsi, or sell it only in the non-Muslim areas?

Andrew went to that mall when they were in Kenya nearly 2 years ago.

Thanks for the links. I'll have to check out more of them later.

Liz Johnson said...

There's no link for Grandma and Google Street View! Halp!

That Sneddon case is still completely insane. I can't believe it. I really, really, really want to know what happened there.

And also... how is N Korea so shrouded?! How is it possible for one country to be so secretive in such a globalized world? What things are we going to find out when the curtain is finally lifted, and are we going to be disgusted with ourselves for not pushing for that opening sooner? Or will it be less of a big deal than I'm imagining?

The story about the family in Nairobi is terrifying. My sister was at that mall in February. I can't even imagine the pit in my stomach that would've emerged if she had been there last week.

Liz Johnson said...

Oh! My grandpa made the unisex list at #7 (Cleo)! And his middle name was Franklin (although not Frankie).

I'd be curious to see the "Chris" split - even just Christopher v. Christina/Christine.

Chris said...

I thought that Jody was very interesting. There is a common saying/marching cadence in the Army about "Jody Boy", who is a name for someone who takes your wife/girlfriend while you are deployed.
If 1940 was the year names were most unisex, it means there were a lot of male Jodies around Vietnam. I wonder if that is where the phrase became a thing.
Cool graphic.

Jen said...

That Ah-Ah monkey! THAT is the craziest/sweetest thing that I've seen in a long time. I like that it also shows the mom's emotion--as parents, we get attached to these things, too.

Crys said...

Oh the Kenya thing. What am I going to do about this summer? I'm not even sure if the hospital will still go through with the trip they get so weird about liability issues and you can imagine what our parents think.... Kelly Clarkson sort of makes me sad. Wish she could have kept the ring :) Haha, maybe I'll make a replica. And I don't know if it is just my mood or what by I had serious mixed feelings about the ah-ah video. Okay so I did get a little teared up when the kid started to cry but I was also slightly annoyed. I'm just not a parent who is cool with the kids and the gross stuffed animals that get dragged everywhere. Don't get me wrong, my kids have tons of lovies, that they well LOVE, but I'm pretty mean about the in the house only thing. So maybe I'm just feeling a little guilty, or maybe I'm just a bad person with a tiny little black shriveled up heart ;) That is entirely possible!


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