Monday, September 30, 2013

Sterling's birth story (condensed version)

Here is a brief outline of how labor went, for those who are dying to know. Though I suspect if you are the kind of person who is dying to know a birth story, you would rather read the epic version. I will post that soon, when I've worked out the feelings inside of me that caused me to start crying when my poor unsuspecting neighbor asked how it went. Also, I haven't looked at Jeremy's labor notes yet, so some details or the timeline might get shifted around when I write down the real thing.

Thursday, 26 September (due date).
Afternoon - acupuncture appointment in hopes of jump-starting labor.
9p - literally as soon as my head hit the pillow to go to bed, I start having contractions every 10-20 minutes, strong enough to wake me up. These contractions continue until...

Friday, 27 September
4a - ...contractions peter out. I'm left with disappointed hopes and a really poor night's sleep.
Morning - I play hooky from church for the second week in a row. But I tune into my ward's sacrament meeting online and cook up four (4) freezer meals as I watch in hopes that someday, I really will have this baby. I have a few more contractions but nothing much.
Afternoon  - I climb into the loft bed in the guest room for a nap.
2.45p - my water breaks.
3.30p - we arrive at the hospital (I was GBS+ for this pregnancy so I had to go in as soon as my water broke).
Shortly before the above - the first non-mild contraction hits, right as we are driving over some rumble-strip bumps heading into a traffic circle.


More labor.

Still more labor.

11.30p (ish? maybe?) - I start to push, after/while arguing about what position in which to do it. This was the biggest one of a few cultural/medical clashes I had with the nurses and doctor (nothing too traumatic, don't worry).

Saturday, 28 September
12.20a - born!

He was born on my brother Blair's birthday, just barely. I am 3/3 on labor "starting" (except for Miriam when it didn't and I had to be induced) with my water breaking, 3/3 with that water breaking while I am in bed. All three of my labors have involved the Sabbath; Miriam and Magdalena were born on Sunday afternoons and Sterling was in progress all Friday afternoon. What can I say? I have righteous babies. The boys in our family are all born on the 28th (June for Jeremy and September for Sterling - ooh, that's kind of neat!). The girls proceed in orderly fashion from 3 Aug (Magdalena) to 4 Sep (Miriam) to 5 Oct (me). That's just how we roll.

More details another day. I have a piranha to feed.


Amanda Ball said...

Congratulations! And that's awesome that your labor started when your water broke. I haven't quite forgiven Evie for breaking her water when she wasn't ready to come out.

Jen said...

This is FANTASTIC. Well done, Bridget. I now wait patiently for the epic version....especially after your teaser about birthing positions.

Susanne said...

I love the stats in the last paragraph. Thanks for the post. Enjoyed it.

Nancy said...

Awesome! I'm 3/3 having my water break after being fully effaced/dilated and pushing (and always with a little "help").

I'm excited to hear the more detailed version, but for now rest up and enjoy your piranha. :)

Liz Johnson said...

YAY!!! I can't wait to hear the whole story! (this is a few hours longer than Majd's birth, right?)

Enjoy your piranha. May your bosoms be spared as much as possible from her wrath.

Liz Johnson said...

HIS wrath. HIS. Geez. One girl and suddenly I can't get pronouns right.

Britney said...

What a great picture of father and son. Congrats!

I loved the birth date analysis in the last paragraph, too. Very cool.

Bridget said...

Ugh, I have only JUST forgiven Miriam for the same. :)

Bridget said...

Don't worry, the other night for a few hours I thought he was a girl, too. Sleep deprivation does things to you.


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