Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11th, outsourced

By the way, I am getting really bad at remembering who posted which links. I apologize in advance if I neglect you in a HT!

People laughing without a reason on the subway.

Adding monsters to thrift store paintings. I love this idea beyond all reason!

The Economist on roundabouts.

Here's another perspective on the recent Indian-American winner of Miss America and racism. This particular strand of racism is based in India.

Cute Halloween costumes on toddlers. The Up kids - so cute! [HT Jeremy]

Why are American refrigerators so big?

Related to the above: I found this discussion of why the eggs you buy outside of America are allowed to have blood, poo, and feathers stuck to them (like the eggs we buy here) absolutely fascinating.

You, too, will not be able to stop watching this 7-tuba pileup. [HT Jen]

I've been waiting for these all year: the newest batch of haunted house surprise photos. [HT Jeremy]

In Dubai, a woman was recently cleared of giving a fellow motorist the finger. Yes, it went to court.

I actually haven't seen most of these movies, but I still found Famous Movie Scenes in the Ottoman Style to be beautiful and insanely clever. [HT Andrew]

For one brief, wonderful afternoon, Coke Zero was (accidentally) available at the BYU.


Susanne said...

Curious: what size refrigerator do you have in Sharjah? Also, how do your eggs look? And are they found in the baking aisle or refrigerated? Also, do the restaurants tend to put ice in drinks?

That's funny about the run on Coke Zero. Since caffeinated softdrink beverages are not taboo, they should stock them at the BYU. Might help their students stay awake during classes. :)

Bridget said...

Our fridge here is medium-sized. We've had bigger. We've had smaller. The eggs here are refrigerated. In Damascus they weren't.

Jen said...

I soooooooooo prefer roundabouts. Hooooo, boy, do I ever!


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