Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18th, outsourced

Behind-the-scenes photos of the Harry Potter movies.

Fact-checking Snapple's "Real Facts."

This map shows where Americans come from, by county, according to 2000 census data.

North Korea and photoshop. [HT Liz]

I remember hearing about this boy who was stuck in the UAE way back when they were planning the cargo ship route. I'm glad he made it home after all.

Flags made out of their representative national foods. Yum. [HT Liz]

Eid al-Adha 2013.

Poo-pourri is a real product???

On a related note: don't eat these gummy bears (read the reviews). [HT Andrew]

The Russia left behind.


Crys said...

Wow that story of the boy stuck in the UAE was amazing. I'm not going to lie, if that was my kid I would have drugged the heck out of him but I'm super impressed with how the hypnosis guy was obviously able to calm the kid down. What is with all the people who just say they are "American"? Oh boy. Those Russian pictures were crazy. That 13 year old groom looked like a baby. And I loved the Eid al-Adha pictures...except that kid getting trampled by the bull. I wish they gave you a disclaimer letting you know that kid was ok. Also those Syrian girls and their gorgeous eyes, such beautiful girls. So sad that everyone in that country's safety is constantly in jeopardy right now. One of the Syrian doctors Jason works with lost his parents. No reason really, they just got in the way :(

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The US map is fascinating for what it says, and for what it doesn't say. Millions of Americans are more than one ethnicity and millions more don't know what they are, as was stated in the article. Some towns in a county are strongly in particular ethnicity, but on a county-wide basis they may not be a majority, and the map only plots the majority. Some examples are Astoria Oregon which is very Finnish, Fresno has a strong Cambodian population, and Woodburn Oregon & Vancouver Washington have large Russian communities.

The map clearly shows German as the predominant ethnicity. What it can't show is that even though Irish came in smaller numbers, Ireland lost a far greater percentage of its people to America (and also Australia and New Zealand and Canada). Also, and I'm getting away from the main point of the map, Germans and English usually came to the US better prepared financially. The Germans and Scandinavians had money to buy land and farm. Some ethnicities such as Irish escaping a killing famine, were generally stuck in city slums for a generation or two; same with many Eastern Europeans.

It's unfortunate the census is veering away from tracking American ethnicity. Over the last 130 years that one tool has been valuable in pointing family researchers in the right direction.

Aimee said...

I love Haribo gummi bears so of course my interest was piqued. Oh my gosh I had tears rolling down my face and had to hand the phone to my husband who then was shaking he was laughing so hard. Oh and did I mention we were sitting on a plane waiting to take off? I will continue to recommend these Haribo sugar less gummis to anyone provided they read the reviews first.


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