Friday, October 04, 2013

October 4th, outsourced

A news article about the US government shutdown, written as if the US were a foreign country.

Hilarious re-creations of childhood photographs.

Millions flee Obamacare. [HT Andrew]

Oh my gosh, is this something that happens?? People just drop their kids off at a stranger's house? [HT Jessie]

An Egyptian man in the UAE is suing his Kiwi wife because she used his sperm without his consent to impregnate their housemaid as a sort of secret surrogate pregnancy deal. You could not make this stuff up.

In happier marital surprises, this man planned his wedding using his wife's Pinterest board. Awesome, since it went well. [HT Jen]

I know what I'm having nightmares about tonight! The lake that turns animals to stone. [HT Liz]

Watch the original Gravity trailer. Then see how adding music completely removes the tension. [HT Kevin]


Crys said...

Oh Lordy, as if I wasn't already creeped out by birds and lakes...thanks for taking it to a new level of horrible :-/. Of course that wedding worked, she'd been Pinteresting ideas before he even proposed ;-)

Crys said...

Also five years...she wanted to put a ring on it before he changed his mind!

Liz Johnson said...

That surrogacy case is FASCINATING!

And those childhood pictures make me want to go recreate my awkward childhood photos with my siblings. Hmm...

The Gov't Shutdown article is brilliant, and oh-so-true. Seriously.

Sarah Familia said...

The surrogacy case is bizarre, but pretty sad for the poor little girl. Interesting that the first commenter says that the man should have just married another wife rather than looking for a surrogate.

Also. That lake!

Bridget said...

Yes, the comments on that article are...interesting.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

Stay-at-home parents are taken advantage of plenty; I know I was. One particular situation comes to mind pertaining to a family in our neighborhood who had a child (DM) in kindergarten w/ my oldest child, back in the day. Both of the parents worked but they had a mysterious man living at their house named "Zan," who was supposed to be taking care of DM after half-day kindergarten was out. I had seen this Zan hanging out by their woodpile a few times and was not impressed by this aging stringy-hair hippie wanna be; what impressed me less was how he handled his day-care responsibilities. He either purposely sent DM down to my house or ignored DM who came on his own. DM would be dropped off by the school bus at his house and then get to my house on his bike before my son even got off the same bus. He was always hungry, needed to use the bathroom, etc.

I finally called his Mom about the situation and she insisted Zan was taking care of DM and I didn't need to feed him, etc. I said DM wasn't even given lunch after school and her reply was "oh, he doesn't like lunch." Mmmm, this poor boy was so neglected and I came to realize the family was sadly and intensely dysfunctional, couldn't pay their bills even with 2 parents working good jobs, etc. And they depended on creepy Zan whose idea of day care was to make sure DM wasn't around to bother him; Zan never once came looking for the boy and didn't know me, period. I was put in a hard place--knowing the boy was lonely, neglected, and even endangered, but at the same time admitting I had my hands full with my own children and doing the complicated dance of making ends meet on one paycheck. DM stopped coming (am sure his Mom forbid him, just to save face) and when I did see him I always paid attention to him; that was what I could do. We moved away a few years later. I wonder how DM is doing as a 37 year old.

Crys said...

Suzanne that story makes me so sad. :( sometimes when I'm feeling particularly ungifted in my parenting I think, well what is the most important part. Loving your children and making them feel secure. Makes me sad not every parent can or will give that to their child :(


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