Wednesday, October 09, 2013


At the hospital where Sterling was born, the recovery room is a separate place from the labor & delivery room. So when Sterling was just an hour or so old, they wheeled us downstairs and around the corner to the recovery unit. And it was a really nice place.

Here's the view from the window. On the Saturday we were there it was pretty quiet, but on Sunday (the first day of the workweek) it was bustling with students and faculty. That's because this hospital backs up to the university campus with which it is affiliated. It was nice to watch the world go by from our little room.

While I was in labor, Jeremy bought out Carrefour's stock of 100 Plus drinks (they have yet to re-stock, by the way - I was just there today). We still had a few left for me to enjoy in the recovery room...

...alongside some truly fantastic food. I know that I was extra hungry, but still, the food was really good. It was semi-Indian cuisine, with lots of curries and plain yogurt and biryani rice. Delicious.

One thing that really set the recovery unit apart was the nurses. They were top-notch. Yes, they still came in at odd hours to slap a blood pressure cuff on me when I had just barely fallen asleep, but they were good at their jobs and so courteous and kind. I was on my own both nights I slept there (Jeremy was home with the girls, and also our insurance company would have charged him almost $100 to stay the night in the room with me on the pull-out couch - go figure!), and on Saturday night, Sterling wouldn't settle and I was falling asleep while holding him. So I called in the nurse at 2am and basically told her I was incapable of caring for my own baby. She very kindly did all the things I didn't have the strength to do myself - she changed him and burped him and re-wrapped him and dressed him warmer and walked him around the room a little until finally he fell asleep. I was so grateful to her.

There were a few hiccups with the room, like how the hot water in the shower didn't work. And how on the second day, the toilet stopped flushing properly. Also, on Sunday morning, this happened:

Yes, that is a window washer. Since I was basically clothed in a diaper and a glorified blanket, I made sure to just tuck myself securely under the covers while that guy was there.

Recovering from childbirth is not the easiest thing, and I was happy to get home, but my time in the recovery unit was as pleasant as I could have wished for.


Crys said...

"A diaper and a glorified blanket." This made me laugh so hard....a sympathy laugh of course. Brought back the feelings of sitting in just a hospital gown with the bishop...horrifying! God bless that nurse! I love that she didn't just take him away to baby jail, but instead cared for him there and got him to sleep for you before putting him back down! What an angle!

Sarah Familia said...

The story about the nurse just warmed my heart. Good for her!

Jen said...

Good nurses are a deal at twice the price. (Do you think that would have happened in America? I've only had one hospital birth but it seemed to me that there were only two choices--caring for your baby in-room, or sending them to the nursery. I wonder, now, if the nurses would have done what they did so nicely for you!! I love that, by the way!)

The window washer made me giggle. Poor guy. I wonder if they feel uncomfortable knowing that they are washing the windows of the L&D recovery unit. (Though, it's not like you'd be any more modest in other areas of the hospital.)

Amanda Ball said...

I don't know why everyone looks down on the nursery. I'm OUT OF IT for the first 24 hours after I have a baby and am in no way capable of caring for a small human. I happily call the nurse and have them take my babies so they can worry about every little fuss and I can just sleep. I'm glad you had an awesome nurse though.

Bridget said...

It's a moot point in this specific instance since this hospital does not have a nursery. I love the term "baby jail," by the way.

Jennifer said...

In all three of my labors (in 2 SoCal hospitals) I was allowed ice chips and and one popsicle per hour during labor. However, as soon as everything was cleaned up, I always got a large meal--which I always ate every last bit of!

And I'm all about the nursery during the night. Sleep is important and I'm not going to get it at home!! My kids have all gotten a bottle of formula during the night in the nursery when less than 2 days old because I just needed to sleep for more than 2 hours!

I wish I could say the same as you about the recovery nurses though. My L&D nurses have always been awesome, but recovery has always left something to be desired.


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