Monday, October 28, 2013

Things Sterling has smiled at

Sterling is one month old today. Here is a list of things - animate and inanimate - upon which he has bestowed smiles.

Jeremy - lots and lots
Magdalena - "seven," according to her count
The crease between my arm and side - while nursing
The picture of red poppies we have hanging on our living room wall
The shadows that come through the curtains in the morning

Notice anything missing from this list? Me. And Miriam. I'm a little bitter.


Sarah Familia said...

"The crease between my arm and side - while nursing" - That pretty much counts as you. Right?

Jen said...

I'd say ANYTHING while nursing is owed ALL to you.

Also? I get a little crankier than I'd like when my babies do anything (at all) to favor Dad. One of my babies (can't remember which one) gave tons of early smiles TO MY HUSBAND as I was writhing around with mastitis.

Sterling will come around. After all, you're toe buddies!

Liz Johnson said...

Babies are just so entitled. Of course they smile at the wall but not their mothers.

I thought Claire was saying "mama" to mean "my mom," until she started calling Cheerios "mama" and bananas "mama" and basically any food "mama." I'm just a cow to her! Sheesh!

Kathy Haynie said...

He's saving his first laughs for you.


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