Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween, UAE, 2013

The turnout for Halloween trick-or-treating this year was the most we've ever seen here. We actually ran out of candy! Usually we have tons left over.

The thing is, though, some kids around here don't really get Halloween. It's kind of a weird holiday, I know, and because of its macabre nature, many Muslim families do not allow their children to participate (heck, many families of lots of religions do not allow their children to participate, now that I think about it). As I sat on the patio, handing out the candy, there were many, many children (and pushing-teenagedom "children") who came up to me and held out plastic shopping bags, not even saying Trick-or-Treat. It's as if they got the message that there was a strange American holiday where your neighbors gave out candy, but they missed the part about dressing up in a costume. It's an understandable mistake.

For example, a little Arab girl came skipping up all by herself. She wasn't dressed up. I asked her where her costume was (look at me, all curmudgeonly, sitting on my porch, practically kicking kids off my lawn). She said, "oh, I'm just on my way to a friend's house and I thought I'd trick-or-treat on the way." OK, then!

Here's what the Palmer girls came up with. True to form, they vacillated on what they wanted to be right up until it was time to get ready. We came up with Magdalena the ghost:

and Miriam the Bellatrix Lestrange, complete with historically accurate 12-inch wand (we looked it up).


Nancy said...

Lovely costumes. :)

Though I must point out that while the term trick-or-treating is North American, the practice is imported. Also, FYI, I grew up just 20 minutes away from Blackie (where the earliest print record of the term was found).

Nancy said...

I realize that Halloween is seen as an American holiday in the Middle East (that's what it was referred to when we lived in Egypt) and that's probably what you're referring to. :)

I just think that Americans should know that it's a little more widespread. Like this article was floating around facebook and the author asked "where else in the world do they celebrate this holiday?" And I was like, "Maybe research before publishing article."

Crys said...

Capt E loved magdelena's costume. He asked if next year I'll let him cut a sheet so he can be a "traditional" ghost. Sometimes when I'm talking with my children I'm like, where did you come from! We had a group of Indian girls come by...six teenagers not in costume, one tiny boy wearing wearing a Dino hoodie. They were carrying a phone blaring music and I asked them if they were a Bollywood film and were going to dance for me, but they just laughed and took my candy! Love the girl picking up candy on her way to a friends. Seems like a rather resourceful child ;-)

Jen said...

I keep wanting to (then stopping myself from) introduce Ian to Harry Potter.....but he's still skittish at things-with-villains, so it's not time.....yet.

Liz Johnson said...

I assume Bellatrix is a HP character, yes? I should really read those books.


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