Friday, November 01, 2013

NaBloPoMo 2013

It has come to my attention that holy cow, it is November today. So, NaBloPoMo??

Here's the thing. If I say I'm going to do it, or even that I will TRY to do it, I WILL do it, every single day. So I need to not say that. If I'm going to be sitting at my computer, writing something, it needs to be my thesis.

Therefore, here's the deal. I turned in my thesis to my supervisor yesterday. As long as it is with him, I will do NaBloPoMo. When the thesis comes back to me and I need to do revisions, I will not do NaBloPoMo. But if I send it in to my committee this month and it's out of my hands again, I will go back to NaBloPoMo.

This year it will be a NaBloPoMo/NaTheWriMo hybrid. Tally ho!


Liz Johnson said...

I am totally in favor of this hybrid. Or you can just post chunks of your thesis every day this month! (ha) (except i would totally read it because it sounds fascinating) (but i recognize that it's probably not the greatest idea) (but when you're done, i wanna read it) (i love parentheses)

Glenda The Good said...

Blogger has been off the three times I've tried to get on today. Maybe I should just take this as a sign....

Jen said...

Joe and I are alternating days. Maybe you just need to delegate to your girls and to Jeremy. (OR, we'll all just pray that your adviser sits on your thesis for a month.) Either way, win win win for us!

Ariana said...

Unrelated to noblopomo... This is from NPRs facebook page today.
"We're starting a series on American expats and we need your help.

The Protojournalist blog is collecting Thanksgiving stories from around the globe. We'd like to know how you will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year, if you are an American living abroad. How will you celebrate and what dishes do you plan to serve? (Will you substitute any ingredients?) We're looking specifically for 50-100 word essays -- perhaps with photos from your previous celebrations. Please email with your thoughts and photos or tag your photos #nprexpat on Instagram or Twitter.

We would also love it if you would take photos of both your food and Thanksgiving table this year and send them to us or post them using the hashtag #nprexpat

Bridget said...

So cool! I'll have to do that.

I really might post some interesting (?) parts of my thesis.


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