Friday, November 22, 2013

November 22nd, outsourced

Alfonso Cuaron's IKEA (a la Gravity).

First walk on the ice. I can't remember who sent that to me, but thank you for those 15 seconds of cute. For more cute, check out this toddler napping with his puppy. I know that last link took over the internet this week, but it deserved it. Take another look. Awwwww. [HT Jen]

This week, in map fun: Mormons in America (my childhood county is 3.76% Mormon), regional names, and concentrations of high education levels and income. [HT Andrew and Brad]

OK, the thing is, don't hate me, but I kind of can't stand Upworthy. Or at least the gimmicky CLICK MEEEE!!!! headlines they come up with. Here's more about those headlines. (See also: an Upworthy headline generator.)

How many households are like yours? For me: 2.89%. If we add in our nanny from last year, then we drop down to .02%. [HT Liz]

The original article seems to have been removed, so I hope this cached link works for you: the difference between seniors and freshmen at the BYU. [HT Lyse]

Anonymous Thank Yous. For your daily dose of warm fuzzies. [HT Sarah]

Seriously, the Danish royal family's portrait is....really weird.


Susanne said...

Over 21% of households are like mine. My county is 0.75% Mormon according to your link.

Do like having a new preposition in English?

Crys said...

.78%. No wonder people feel the need to comment on my four kids ;-)

Señora H-B said...

I completely agree on the Danish royal family portrait. It seems straight out of _The Shining_.

Over 21% of households are like mine. Married couple = so boring.

My county is 0.33% Mormon. The county I grew up in is 22.79% Mormon. That's a lot of Mormons!

Kristi said...

I hate to tell you this, but you should expect a lot more websites switching to the Upworthy style headlines. We just had Google at my company yesterday to teach us how to create headlines like this.

Bridget said...


Katie Lewis said...

Those first three links especially made me happy. :)

Liz Johnson said...

I think everybody is switching to those Upworthy headlines, and also enormous font/type. I swear, CNN and the Weather Channel are constantly increasing their font size to a point where it's uncomfortable. I half expect a hologram to jump out of the screen and strangle me, it's so aggressive.

That said, I appreciate Upworthy sifting through all the crap and finding stuff that's really worth watching.

The Danish royal family pic is straight out of a Wes Anderson flick. I mean, c'mon. Royal Tenenbaums anybody?!

Only 0.78% of households are like mine. If we were to add a kid (WHICH WE ARE NOT), it goes to 0.18%. Dang.

Andrew said...

Two relevant Twitter accounts: and

Bridget said...

Keep an eye on the household income when you add kids. At first it stays relatively high, then somewhere around 6 or 8 kids it drops dramatically. Interesting.

Andrew said...

Also, the #upworthymovies hashtag. Fantastic stuff:

Bridget said...

Oh my goodness, hilarious!


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