Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pre-church social butterfly

I had a one-hour meeting before our regular three-hour church meeting on Friday. Jeremy was out of town, so I sent the girls into the chapel room on their own with some paper and pens and told them to save me a seat and color/draw while I was in the meeting.

When I saw them again, just before church started, they were in their places, coloring/drawing/writing quietly. I was so glad they had behaved and, I'll confess, a little surprised that they had stayed in place the whole time.

Well, today, these pictures (taken on Friday) showed up on Facebook.
Looks like Magdalena was kickin' it with the Filipinas before church started. I love it.


Susanne said...

Haha...how cute!

Glenda The Good said...

Haha! What a cutie! It is good to know I'll be able to spy on my kids in the teenage years via facebook :)

Sarah Cook said...

Haha! Cute Majd


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