Saturday, November 30, 2013

Righteous indignation

I think Magdalena will be good at writing letters to the editor someday. The other day, the neighborhood kids were playing with some tree clippings that were piled on the sidewalk, waiting to be picked up by the grounds crew. Magdalena came inside all in a huff and pounded out this letter.

"Poisonous trees that are [be]ing holding by Kaia and Miriam. But Majd isn't holding the poisonous trees to boys and girls. Dangerous to hold poisonous things like a poisonous tree. And never do it again never ever never ever never never never ever."

But later I went out and she was playing with the tree clippings, so.

(Jeremy said those particular tree clippings aren't poisonous, by the way. There are some around here that are, but not those. Good on Magdalena for being cautious, though.)


Anna said...

So our posts are kind of similar today.

Jen said...

I love me some righteous indignation. It's my favorite kind of indignation.

Liz Johnson said...

Um, that's hilarious. I really love her personality. A LOT.

Crys said...

I myself am a huge fan of the righteous indignation product failure letter. I have gotten quite a bit of free stuff or returns on things you would think couldn't be returned. Once I got Dr. J two totally new pairs of shoes to replace shoes he'd had for years! FOR YEARS! But there was this piece on them that wasn't really leather and even though the rest of the shoe was holding up great that piece looked like crap. I wrote the company and told them they had a flaw in their design that they should consider fixing. They offered to give him two entirely new pairs of shoes up to $100 a piece. We took them up on the offer, although we picked pairs that did not have that flaw ;) Write on Magdalena, write on!


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