Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Amazing Race in the UAE

The current season of The Amazing Race just spent two legs (episodes) in the UAE. It was so fun to watch. The episodes just aired last week and this week, but they were filmed during the summer. As we watched, we couldn't help remarking, out loud, many times, how hot it must have been for the teams. It's hard enough to just BE outside in August in the UAE, let alone think through clues and perform challenges.

TAR has been to Dubai before (maybe even twice?), and it was the scene of Mika's epic refusal to go down a waterslide, not even for (a chance at) a million dollars. TAR has also been to Oman (again, maybe a couple of times), and in both the UAE and Oman, racers have struggled with driving and directions on these crazy roads. It's very validating for me.

In the episode this week, the racers went to Wadi Adventure. You guys, we were just there last week for Jeremy's extreme 10K. The wave pool he is standing in front of in the photo in this post was the same place where Nicky and Kim did their swimming task. And the rapids they went through on the boat were part of the race course for Jeremy. So cool.

In conclusion, here are my favorite teams from previous seasons of The Amazing Race.
Jet and Cord. Magdalena loves these guys, to the point that she once volunteered that she wished they were her dad (not sure how that would work).

Charla and Mirna. Fun fact: both of these women were born in Aleppo, Syria.

Zev and Justin FOREVER.

I'm glad this show doesn't cast super-contentious, verbally abusive dating couples who secretly hate each other anymore. That team type got so old in those early seasons.

Anyway. I can't tell from here how many people are actually watching this show and Jeremy and I have no one to talk about it with. So that's where this post comes from. Thanks for your indulgence.


Merkley Jiating said...

I love TAR! I remember that they went to Oman right after you had been on vacation there. So cool! Sam and I were cracking up about them going to "Abu Dubai."

Bridget said...

Ah yes, that was a great moment. At least they didn't buy tickets to Dubai.

Susanne said...

I thought of you when they mentioned all the roundabouts. The camel beauty contest was rather cute. I remember reading a friend's blog about Saudi awhile back and hearing about those.

I have a friend who lives in Abu Dhabi so I send her the link, but she wasn't able to view it. I tried to summarize where all they went for her.

I didn't know Charla and Mirna were from Syria! So cool! They were two of our favorites as well. I'm glad they were on the show more than one season.

Do you have a favorite team this season?

Bridget said...

We laughed at that part because the roundabouts in Al Ain are especially insane. So confusing! I really felt for the blonde girls getting so lost. It is so easy to get lost there.

This season is ever so slightly meh to me. After the Poland leg, Danny and Tim (? - the OK guys) were my favorite. How about you?

Susanne said...

They are out now, but we liked Brandon and Adam. It's weird how you come to like certain ones you never would have chosen just by first seeing them and/or reading their bios.

We had fun seeing Vienna this season since we were there last year. That singing challenge was tough! I laughed quite a lot the first while, and then got to feeling really sorry for those trying to be acceptable singers.

Some seasons I just enjoy the show more because of where they travel. I like seeing how the natives react to the Americans.

I wonder what the folks in Abu Dhabi thought of Jamal and Leo. And what the lady on the mat in Vienna thought of those two couples fighting about the taxi-stealing incident.

Liz Johnson said...

Even though I haven't been watching this season (gah), I have a HUGE dream of being on The Amazing Race. After I did Urban Adventure with Melissa, we were both pretty sure that we could easily do TAR and that this was obvious because one time we biked 20 miles. We still talk about auditioning all of the time. The only problem is that neither of us likes to drive on high mountain roads - I have a feeling we'd both be sidelined by a panic attack if it ever came to that.

(i have thought about this extensively, can you tell?)

Susanne said...

I think Bridget and Jeremy would be good contestants. They are athletic, and speak so many languages, and know how to get around places.

I'd love to see you, Liz, on TAR one year. That would be so cool! You'd be challenging yourself to do the hard parts for the sake of your children. :)

Bridget said...

Sometimes there are challenges that are so easy for a particular person, and that singing-in-German one would have been CAKE for Jeremy or me. Cake. But others, not so much.

I also wondered about that poor Viennese lady watching the Americans bicker. Sigh.

Bridget said...

I would just love to see anyone I know on TAR. Especially Liz. DO IT!!!!

Jen said...

ZEV AND JUSTIN FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!! I just rewatched their season (on Hulu! They're all on Hulu!) and laughed and laughed and laughed.

I liked Mirna and Shmirna better during their SECOND time on the show...not so much the first. My other favorite team is Danny/Oswald....and the Globe Trotters (flight time/big easy).

I still wonder about the epic wedgie that MUST have ensued from the water slide.

Kitty Crazy! said...

We've been watching TAR and thought of you guys the last couple of shows. I thought the Wadi Adventure place sounded familiar. It was fun to get an idea of things you see and deal with on a daily basis. Janice


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