Saturday, November 23, 2013

The miserable trifecta

Twice in the last week, I've achieved that miserable trifecta in mom-of-three-dom: being woken up by all three of my kids in one night. All for different reasons, too! (Bad dream, cough, and infant one night; I can't remember the reasons the other night, because sleep deprivation.)

Bonus points to the person who can claim to have been woken up by more of their own children in one night (Crys? Liz?). We belong to a horrible club.


Merkley Jiating said...

I know that trifecta well. It is something I hoped to never achieve.

Crys said...

I am yet to have all four wake me up on one night but recently I woke up to a completely naked Captain E shaking my arm, "mom I wet the bed. I just wanted to let you know I'm taking a shower." Child this is information I do not need, especially when you are naked! Also cheetah comes into our bed almost every night. We have no idea if she's climbing out of her crib and wandering in or Dr J is sleep walking her in. Sleep walking. I swears will never sleep a good nights sleep again until they are all safely shipped off to college. Oh, I forgot. Last Christmas they were all barfing and we spent the whole night running between them!!! It was so horrible it contributed to us deciding not to travel this Christmas! Does it count if it was all for the same reason? Anyway miserable! Hope you get some good sleep soon!!!!

Liz Johnson said...

I think my least favorite thing is when I'm woken up by every child EXCEPT the baby. Like the baby finally sleeps all night, but the other kids wake you up four times. That's when I just want to light something on fire.

The night before last, I was woken up six times by three different children, including one who had barfed everywhere. It was right after I read this post and mentally said a word of gratitude for not having had that happen to me in quite a while. Sigh.


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