Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Wrap

Before Sterling was born, I blogged about making a no-sew baby wrap. I mentioned here that I am basically writing the rest of my thesis while wearing my baby. I'm not the only one who can wear him, either:

Yes, the wrap is a wonderful thing. I absolutely recommend getting/making one if you have a baby and you find yourself still needing to accomplish things during the day. Weird, I know. I have done just about any household chore you could imagine while wearing Sterling. It is so liberating to know that if he's fussy and won't settle on his own, I can just pop him in the wrap and carry on with life.

I've noticed that when I wear him in public, I get a lot of odd/fascinated looks, and a lot of people will actually approach me to comment on it. Here are some of the reactions I've received while out and about:

- what is that?
- how do you do that?
- where did you get that?
- is he comfortable in that?
- how does he sleep while you're moving around so much?
- can he breathe in that?

These comments are offered sometimes in a positive tone of admiration, but sometimes in a negative tone of chastisement. I try not to worry about the latter. The fact is that Sterling would let me know - loudly - if he were at all uncomfortable. The wrap looks tight, but the material is stretchy so it has more give than you'd think. And he sleeps quite well while I'm moving around - babies like to be in motion. That's why we rock them and swing them and bounce them.

The wrap is currently the most helpful piece of baby gear that I own. I promise I take time to just hold my baby and enjoy his baby-ness, but as most of you already know, life goes on even when you have an infant. I am so grateful to have something that helps me get done the things I need to do, whether it's cooking dinner, writing my thesis, shopping for groceries, or just soothing a fussy baby.

One final note: don't be put off - as I was, initially - at the perceived difficulty of tying the wrap. I've only ever used the one tie: Pocket Wrap Cross Carry. Even if I never use another tie, the wrap will already have been so useful that it wouldn't matter. And remember that you do not need to buy a "product" - you can just make your own wrap, as I did, following the instructions here. It doesn't get any easier, I promise, and your new-mom self will thank you when the time comes.


Tia said...

I had a wrap with Olivia and it was amazing. I didn't get many questions. Though I did entertain a lot of people in the parking lot of grocery stores when I would wrap it around myself and put Olivia in it. People would just stop and stare.

Lisa Lou said...

Baby wraps are amazing. I heartily recommend them to everyone. I wore my baby to church and church activities and always got stares but no questions.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The wrap would have been a life-saver to me back in the day. It is one of the "essentials" every Mom should utilize, and so simple.

Liz Johnson said...

Um, that is so awesome. I'm so glad it has worked so well!

(did you know that your blog now has video ads? i'm currently being shown some video about dudes with lots of bling.)

Jen said...

One thing I love about that type of wrap is how unisex it can be. Moms wear it! Dads wear it! YAY!

I love yours! Well done!

Nancy said...

I love the wrap. Hands-free is the only way to be. :)

Kathy Haynie said...

A great look for Jeremy! :)
("Snugglies" were the thing that saved my life with babies "back in the day." I wore my kiddos everywhere.)

Sarah Familia said...

Wraps are my favorite baby accessory ever!

Cait said...

Egyptians were SO worried about Atticus in the wrap. But then they carry their babies in that weird side-shoulder thing. Interesting.

It's fun to see how different having Sterling is for you compared to your girls (especially the baby products popular now) and I wonder if we have a long gap (if I can ever convinced Tim to have another baby) what kinds of crazy things momtrepreneurs will come up with in 5-6 years time.


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