Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thesis Draft Excerpt: Controversial materials/topics in class

Check it out: when I asked students (via questionnaire) if they were OK with their teachers using materials and topics in class that went against their religious values, they said, heck no.

But then, when I asked if they were OK discussing sex in class - pretty much THE big no-no, you would think - they said, meh.

Are they just messing with me?

One student scribbled in the margins of the paper questionnaire that he agreed with this statement because "it might be usefull [sic] for life." So there's that.

Otherwise, I can't really make sense of this. Maybe since it was an anonymous questionnaire, the students were all, here's our chance to request more class materials/topics related to sex??

PS - my supervisor said no fancy-pants diverging stacked bar charts. :( Those took longer to make, so I guess I'm thanking him for saving me some time, even if they were so pretty.


Liz Johnson said...

So... maybe they don't want to hear pro-abortion arguments or something? I can't figure this out.

Good news, though - you can totally give a Birds And The Bees talk when you start teaching again and know that your students will probably LOVE it. :)

Jen said...

Well, they ARE young 20-something college students, right?

Glenda The Good said...

I wonder if they don't see those two things connected in the same way you might be connecting them? What you said is Sex. Even if it is only within marriage in, and even if some of those marriages are going to arranged, within Islam sex is permitted. Most of them will engage in it someday if they have not already. Perhaps if you would have tied it to actual religious tenants they would have said no. For example, "Is it ok to talk about unmarried people having sex? Is it okay to talk about sex workers? Is it ok to talk about pornography? Is it okay to talk about rape?" I love how most of the teachers are like, 'Heck no, that is unprofessional." :) I think you probably are just seeing a bias by the test talkers as how they are perceiving the question...unless you have a really small sample size and then they might just be messing with you. Did you know that I love research. I mean like I totally geek out over it. J and I are always bouncing hypothesis around to answer all of life's questions. It's why 1/2 the time rather then listening to music while I work out I'm listening to FREAKENOMICS. I was born questioning EVERYTHING. Any who I also find their response to the religious question extremely interesting. Crazy how in our culture a lot of people sees the twenties as a time to explore a lot of outside would look like that tradition is a major no/no there. Although that being said, I do feel like this is probably fairly strong in all regions. I was talking with a friend of mine today who currently is extremely unhappy with our religion about how difficult it is to leave for another. It's almost like once a Mormon, always a Mormon unless you are just going to quit going to church altogether (look I realize there are people who go to other churches but I like generalizations ;) Anyway though I mentioned to her that I feel like even as children we are trained up in destroying the validity of other churches and she mentioned back to me that she felt like we strongly discouraged the same scrutiny of our own faith. She's probably right. I'm thinking in a country where religious police are free to arrest, people don't feel like they have any right to question religion, even if maybe they would sometimes want to.


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