Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Another due date

My thesis defense is tomorrow. I feel like it's another due date, that this is the second baby I will birth this semester.

I know that when the committee/supervisor process has worked correctly (and mine has), the defense itself is more of a formality than an actual test of the strength of the research. But that doesn't keep me from being nervous about it and making sure that I am super prepared.

I'm extra nervous because the tradition here is to bring refreshments to your defense to enjoy afterward with your committee and anyone else who has attended. This reminds me of living in student housing at the BY and having to do three things in a matter of days: study for/take final exams, clean your apartment for inspections, and pack up/move out. Impossible.

So I'm working on my presentation when I can. Then, when I'm rocking my baby and can't type, I'm running through the menu and food preparation schedule in my head. No big deal.

Except it IS a big deal. The biggest deal! Wish me luck.


Crys said...

Oh look how beautiful your baby looks :). Congrats Bridget, you will do great! Just one question though, shouldn't Jeremy be in charge of treats. Back in our phD days all the wives always took on that job while their husbands finished up any last minute defense prep :)

Bridget said...

Hey wait a minute...you're right! I distinctly remember doing the food for his PhD comp exams. However, I have no memory of the dissertation defense since I was puking my guts out at the time. Maybe I got the food and he brought it? Will check on this immediately.

Liz Johnson said...


And yeah, have Jeremy make the treats. :)

Anna said...

Good luck! I am really excited for you!

Sarah Familia said...

You are going to be awesome! Good luck!!!!

Kathy Haynie said...

So proud of you! Be sure you take a photo of you with your committee. And yes, it definitely qualifies as another "due date." Have fun!

elliespen said...

Wahoo! Go! Fight! Win! Oh, and definitely have Jeremy bring the snacks.


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