Friday, December 27, 2013

December 27th, outsourced

Of all the parodies of Jean Claude Van Damm doing the splits, this delightful one from Gaza is my favorite.

William Dalrymple (author of the delightful From the Holy Mountain) on Christians in the Middle East. [HT Jeremy]

Seven delightful words in English that have been forgotten. Some of those sound like they came straight out of Harry Potter. [HT Blair]

Movie scenes recreated in cardboard, with a baby. Delightful. [HT Kathy]

Jeremy sent me the link to these 33 delightful GIFs that are guaranteed to make you laugh. I didn't respond to his email soon enough, I guess, because he sent me another email asking, "Were you not diverted?" To which I responded, "yes, yes, excessively."

Society is so delightful sometimes.

Is "delightful" the new "cool"?

Nothing delightful about this: the Syrian war, on the Street Called Straight.


Jen said...

If Facebook had to have a mascot, it would be the ultracrepidarian.

Kathy Haynie said...

I am SO delighted to be a chasmophile. Unfortunately, I also tend to engage in far too much uhtcearing. Thanks for the great…I mean delightful…words!

Liz Johnson said...

This was such a delightful post!

(I bet you saw that coming, eh?)

Ian calls everything he likes (even non-food items) "delicious." But he says it "deeeee-wicious!" So I think that should be the next "delightful." It's so fun.

That Life Aquatic parody makes me so incredibly happy. Those parents. I kind of want to put them in charge of creating world peace, because they'd probably do an awesome job.

I had never seen those Van Damme parodies, but now my life has been wasted away on YouTube. Hahahahaha!

Sarah Cook said...

Those gifs are hilarious!


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