Friday, December 06, 2013

December 6th, outsourced

17 background actors who have no idea what they're doing.

A textual analysis of The Hunger Games.

An interesting essay from a woman whose father was the longest-held hostage in US history, until last week.

Is Dubai the future of cities? Read this article and see what you think. [HT Jeremy]

Here is a fascinating post from my friend Crystal about her experience with the medical care system in the US as she was dealing with a miscarriage.

10 words to cut from your writing. But I'm sooo in love with "just" in casual writing. I hope I can keep it! [HT Jen]

On a related note, here are 8 new punctuation marks we should start using, NOW. [HT Eric D. Snider]

Now that Dubai has landed Expo 2020, here are some things we have to look forward to (not pictured: endless traffic and construction).

The challenge of being poor at America's richest colleges. [HT Andrew]

Girls CAN jump - ski jumping, at the next Olympics. [HT Missy]

This is officially the scariest article I've read since that account of the reporter who pretended to be a boat refugee going to Christmas Island: a world without antibiotics. [HT Andrew]

I know I saw a few of these a few years ago, but here is an even creepier batch of hidden-mother pictures. The eighth and tenth ones down are the best (=scariest). [HT Jen]


Susanne said...

The piece about being poor at America's richest colleges was interesting especially since Elon is in my county and I've often wondered about the people who go there. You always see the out-of-state license plates in that area especially during parent days. Also, Duke...yeah.

I can't look at articles about the UAE without thinking of how they treat Syrians. I can visit Dubai without a visa because of my nationality, but (some) fellow Arabs, fellow Muslims cannot. My Syrian friend can no longer get a visa to visit his family, and most of them cannot leave Dubai without have return issues so they are stuck not seeing each other until whenever the UAE decides to allow Syrians to visit again. At least his family has a pretty place to live. Better than the refugee camps.

Jen said...

Um....the and/orpersand IS NEEDED, like, yesterday.

Jessie said...

I don't see a link for the hidden mothers. But my work computer has been scrambly with social media lately so it might just be me.

Bridget said...

Fixed! Thanks.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

The undesirable word list is close to the one my high school humanities teacher gave out. In particular, we could earn an F on a paper if we used the word "just" in any way that didn't relate to justice. "Got" was never acceptable.

Suzanne Bubnash said...

I did not attend a hoity-toity college, but still felt the income disparity between myself and others. I was financing my education 100% which left no $$ for a burger at the Wilk or a day on the slopes or an evening at Heaps. I can imagine how a poor person would feel at some of those schools.


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