Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Target gender?

My new favorite store is Hamley's. Do they play their Christmas music too loud? Yes. Is it a little weird that their employees dress up like elves at Christmastime? Yes. But bless them, they had everything I needed for the girls for Christmas, with decent prices, and they gift-wrapped it all to boot.

However, I noticed that there were some areas of the store that were labeled "Boys" and others that were "Girls." I'm not a fan of this kind of label. If my daughters want to play with dinosaurs and cars (and they do), then far be it from a label on a shelf at a toy store to tell them that they can't, because they're girls. I even saw sets of blocks that were labeled "boys" and "girls." The girl blocks were pink/purple/etc. What?

I noticed the same thing on Amazon yesterday. I was looking at a portable crib (does anyone have experience with the Lotus Everywhere Crib?) and I saw this:

So "target gender" is a thing now, huh? Did we learn nothing from the Easy Bake Oven thing?

Anyway, I got everything I needed at Hamley's, like I said. Even if I did have to venture into the "Boys" section to do it.


Liz Johnson said...

Yes, this is totally a thing. You should see how Target is segregated now - even if you want dinosaurs, you can find pink ones in the girls' section (I literally saw this a few days ago). It drives me bonkers. I don't know why we can't just have a "toys" section and let the kids pick out what they want. It drives me so insane.

Have you read "Cinderella Ate My Daughter" by Peggy Orenstein? She talks a lot about this phenomenon.

Jen said...

I add my witness that this is a thing. I feel like I spend WAYYYYY too many brain cells trying to find non-pink "girl" toys. (I'm giving the stink-eye to YOU, play kitchens.) I'm sure parents with girls have the same problem elsewhere.

See also:
Toy vacuum

Cait said...

Ughhhh my long comment was deleted!

Anyways, yes, gender-based toys no good in my book.

And we had the guava GoCrib and it.was.awesome. So awesome. I am sure the lotus is great too! I really wanted to travel everywhere just so she could sleep in it. Ironically we bought it for travel and decided not to bring to Europe this summer because we didn't want to lug it everywhere when we were going by train but she spent many nights at home in it, and it was perfect for camping, plane trips, etc.

Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

I didn't know that store existed until a few minutes after I saw you there the other day. It was magical!


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